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The IRS,  Wall Street, the U.S. Federal Reserve and the too-big-to-fail banks all work against you unless you take the time and effort required to understand their game and play defense against it.   Physical gold is the one single asset that terrifies these guys.  It’s a knife in their collective criminal behavior.  
The IRS, Wall Street, the U.S. Federal Reserve and the too-big-to-fail banks all work against you unless you take the time and effort required to understand their game and play defense against it.
In one of the biggest political scandals of the last decade, the IRS has been exposed for politically targeting conservative organizations and preventing them from gaining tax exempt status, all while quickly approving liberal organizations. This abuse of Federal power by the IRS threatens democracy at its core, because it uses the Federal government’s biggest weapon – taxation – to promote one political ideology over another. It’s no wonder why conservatives have long been skeptical of the IRS and why conservatives throughout history have sought to protect their money from IRS control. So how have conservatives gotten revenge on the IRS? By shielding their money and wealth in the one asset class that the IRS has no legal authority to know about.
Another Casablanca Moment

The administration that brought you drones, Obamacare and NDAA is proud introduce the new normal for IRS practices: spying and targeting groups that oppose its views. Well, I guess if you can’t drone-strike the Tea Party or indefinitely detain them without due process, you may as well hit them where it really hurts: stall and deny them tax exempt status.

Obama has vowed change and is “shocked” that such discrimination has taken place. It reminds me of actor Claude Raines in Casablanca: “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!” So it appears the President has had his “Casablanca” moment. Meanwhile, Speaker of the House Boehner has demanded jail time for those involved. Considering all the Wall Street crooks that have seen the inside of a jail cell since 2008 (most of whom are politically well connected like John Corzine of MF Global fame), I seriously doubt we’ll actually see a single arrest. It is clear that our political, economic and financial systems have been taken over by sociopathic criminals, and this latest development is just more proof that we’re nearing the end-game in a failing and centrally-planned global game of can kicking.
Our leaders are failing us, the real economy is tanking, interest rates are below sea level and the Fed is forever printing $85 BILLION dollars a month to keep the system on life support. While it may be surprising to see the IRS get caught, when the Internal Revenue Service admits to violations of law by targeting limited government-advocate organizations, you know that the non-divulged crimes are much worse. The politicization of the system is premeditated. The revelation that Obama governance resulted in the broad IRS scrutiny of conservative groups should not be shocking. The sociopaths in federal employment have a deranged hostility towards any voice that defends and promotes anything Constitutional.

Wall St plaqeon wall

How to Beat the IRS and the Money Printers at the Same Time

So, how are conservatives beating the IRS, not to mention the Fed? By buying private non-reportable physical gold & silver and sitting on it. In other words, they’re getting some wealth out of the crooked casino and away from the grimy paws of the IRS. But in order to beat the IRS at their own game, they’re buying “the right gold.”

First, let’s look at investing in “the wrong gold” — gold on paper through an ETF — and how that plays right into the hands of the IRS and Fed. You buy $100,000 in paper gold through your broker in the form of an ETF. Gold doubles, you sell and realize a 100k profit and now you get to send a check for $28,000 to the IRS. That’s right, you buy gold to protect yourself from inflation, inflation happens, your paper money buys less so your gold went up but, for some crazy reason, you have to give the IRS 28% of your “growth.”
This is partly why the IRS is a joke. The central planners make inflation to get growth, and then things rise because of that inflation, but then they want some of your growth back into their own pockets? One would argue that if the central planners are going make inflation all day by printing money that YOU should be allowed to benefit from the asset appreciation that ultimately helps YOU to counter their inflation and the rising price of the goods and services YOU need to survive. But instead they want to ding you twice – once through an unfair tax called inflation and then again by taxing you on the asset appreciation that inflation created.

So, when we talk about the “right gold,” we’re talking about physical gold, which has none of the counter-party risk of ETF gold and is more shielded from the IRS. What many conservatives are doing is removing some wealth from the fractional system controlled by criminals and into an asset that not only lives outside the insolvent banking system and outside the paper fiat currency system, but is also invisible to the IRS. That’s right, the IRS does NOT require the reporting of many types of gold and silver coin purchases and sales. So not only are conservatives protecting their money and wealth from systematic collapse when they buy gold and silver, they are shielding themselves from IRS scrutiny.

One Last Gasp?
It’s clear we have big problems in both our country’s leadership and economy. If you feel, as many do, that we’re getting near the end and a collapse is inevitable, how do you prepare? Let’s set political scandals aside for a moment. It’s pretty clear we have major leadership issues here and elsewhere, but none is more obvious than with the most powerful institution on earth, The Fed, with the way it handles monetary policy.

When the U.S. Federal Reserve prints $85 Billion U.S. Dollars a month to buy mortgage-backed securities and treasuries just to keep their bank buddies solvent and prevent interest rates from rising, it should be clear the road to kick the can down is running out. Even Japan is showing signs of unraveling. Their 10-year yield has gone from 44bps to 85bps in a matter of a month, their stock market is overheating badly, and their currency has imploded by 20% in the span of two months. Meanwhile, gold has been hitting new highs in Yen for weeks as the Yen collapses. Is this the result of effective central bank intervention or the spasms before the collapse?

It’s no different here in the U.S. Our stock market is far into bubble territory, yields on debt are also rising for the first time in a long while, and while the dollar looks decent against other fiat currencies, that can’t last at the rate we’re printing new dollars and flooding the market with them.

The Best Protection against A Corrupt System
Gold is insanely cheap right now because the central planners engineered a contract hit on its paper-price counterpart in April. They did this in an effort to make YOU, and the rest of the world, disinterested in the one asset that is a serious threat to their madness and the one that will expose the lies that all fractional banking systems and fiat currencies are built on: The lie of solvency and the illusion of low risk in those paper promises.

Gold, by contrast, is sound money. Bringing down the price of gold backfired on the central planners and they are now scrambling. Demand for PHYSICAL gold globally is going through the roof. China’s Shanghai exchange ran out of gold last week, the exchanges in India have supply issues, and even the U.S. Mint saw massive spikes in the buying of physical gold and silver in the last 90 days.

The IRS, Wall Street, the U.S. Federal Reserve and the too-big-to-fail banks all work against you unless you take the time and effort required to understand their game and play defense against it. Physical gold is the one single asset that terrifies these guys. It’s a knife in their collective criminal behavior. If you want to be protected from being under a fiscal microscope, if you’d like some monetary autonomy, if you’d like to own an asset that will appreciate with inflation, and if you’d like to keep your wealth rather than handing it over to yet another crooked too-big-to-fail government-funded entity… buy some physical gold and silver and sit on it.

stock-market Bronze Bull

Sources: Blue’s research Team, Damon Geller – Gold Wholesaler

Blue’s comments:  Of course finding a great place to store your Gold and Silver is up for another

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How Conservatives Get Revenge on the IRS through Gold and Silver.


Halfway Through the Year … How are the Stock Teasers Doing?


Posted on June 28, 2013

World Stock Markets

Now that we’re putting June to bed, I thought I’d take just a minute to check on the stocks we’ve revealed over the first half of 2013 and see what’s happening. As you probably know, we track the prices of each of the stocks we uncover from the hyped teaser promotions — almost all of them are expected by their teaser-flinging newsletter pundits to have gains of 50% or more, often much more, so how many deliver on a level to match the hype?

stock-market Bronze Bull

Well, as you probably guessed, not many. This has been a rough year for junior energy and mining stocks, which tend to be a favorite target of a lot of the different newsletter families out there, so everyone has at least a few nasty losers and junior miners populate a lot of the bottom portion of the spreadsheet, but the newsletter teaser picks in general this year have been pretty, well, average if you just go by a quick glance.


Our tracking spreadsheets are not yet very analytical (we’re working on improving them, but it will take a while), all we’re doing is tracking the buy price when we unveil one of these “secret” picks and keeping track of the current live price to show the gain or loss, but right now we’re seeing half the stocks teased this year are up, and half are down. Those are not fair indications, necessarily — we have not annualized the numbers, nor have we compared the numbers to a benchmark (the market has been generally up nicely this year, so stocks that were touted earlier in the year are more likely to be near the top of the list).

Surprisingly, it’s been more even-keeled than a typical year so far — there are no 100% gainers (the best so far is about 40%), and there are no 90%+ losers that are on the verge of going under (the worst picks are down about 50%) … it’s early days yet, typically past years have included a few bankruptcies and a few incredible moonshot gains, with usually about half as many winners as losers overall.

glasses stockpaper pen

What migrated to the top of the list? Well, Manny Backus and his Consensus Picks service teased several stocks in January, and all three of the ones we covered, Callidus (CALD) and Aceto (ACET) and Zixcorp (ZIXI), have handily beaten both the market and most other picks teased earlier in the year (they’re all in the top five as I type). I didn’t know them well then, and don’t know why they’re doing well now, but they were small stocks with reasonable valuations when they were teased — perhaps sometimes that’s enough.

Wall St plaqeon wall

Rounding out the top five are breakout growth pick SodaStream (SODA) from the Oxford Club folks, and the steady eddie Alaris Royalty (AD.TO ALARF) from Chris Mayer, both of which I was tempted to buy but held off on to my detriment. Alaris was the first pick of this year that I covered, I think, so it’s had a nice tailwind from a rising market despite the fact that it took a 10% haircut when all their dividend-driven peers also fell in June (Alaris acts and yields like a REIT or BDC to some degree), but SODA has risen almost 40% in less than two months.

Likewise, the sixth place pick so far has been Sara Nunnally’s the heavily hyped Capstone Turbine (CPST) that has also popped quite recently, with most of the advance coming in May, not long after the teaser campaign started, and being driven by some new supply deals and big orders that gave hope to this story stock that has always had a compelling-sounding pitch but never been able to deliver. Maybe now they’re back on track? Dunno, they’re still tiny and unprofitable, even after that 30%+ advance, but I wish ‘em the best.

And the worst performers this year? Any bottom fishing opportunities out there?

Well, other than Natcore Technologies, that overhyped, years from anything “absolute black” solar company, and Graphite One (GPH.V, GPHOF), the latest in a series of silly and overly optimistic pitch targets that tie graphite mines to the promise of the nanomaterial graphene, they’re pretty much all either oil or gold stocks — the gold stocks are predictable, with gold prices falling by 25% or more it’s no surprise that miners and royalty plays that are leveraged to the price of the shiny stuff are falling at least that far, so you’ll see big royalty plays Royal Gold (RGLD) and Franco-Nevada (FNV) on that list alongside junior miners like Centamin Gold (CEE.TO, CELTF) and Eurasian Minerals (EMXX).

It’s actually the oil names that catch my attention down here at the bottom of the list, because they’ve had a pretty steady commodity price (compared to gold, at least) but are still getting clobbered — HRT Participa (HRP.V, HRTPY) is a clear loser so far this year based on exploration results, with the first drill bit offshore Namibia not providing the kind of validation investors were hoping for after an ugly boardroom shakeup (I owned that to speculate on the Namibia results, I sold when they were bad, it has kept falling). They’ve still got two more exploration holes to drill, they probably have two or three weeks before results will come out from the next one (if it takes as long as the first one, it spun in on June 3), so this will probably see a July catalyst move it abruptly one way or another … we’ll see.

Oil Plant_17-2817

And Tag Oil, which longtime reader Myron Martin mentions in his column for the Irregulars today, has also suffered despite good oil prices — they’re a New Zealand oil producer, teased just six weeks ago by Christian DeHaemer as having big upside thanks to their potential unconventional oil resources … and they’re down 40% already. I didn’t see news that would have made me dramatically revalue the company, though they did update on their exploration drilling plans and announce the completion of their infrastructure improvements right around the time the shares fell. They just reported their annual results today, which were substantially worse than a year ago in many respects (like “profit”), but they do sound optimistic about the next year and they’re in good shape financially, so that’s the one that jumps out to me at the bottom of the list.

stock-market nasq board

Teaser Stock Performance Tracking

These spreadsheets track the performance of stocks touted in investment newsletter teaser emails, assuming a purchase of the stock on the date the email was first seen or written about by the Gumshoe and held forever. Stock prices are live with a 20 minute delay, and the sorting (best performers at the top) is updated … every once in a while. Do note that occasionally splits or consolidations or takeovers happen that aren’t necessarily reflected in these spreadsheets — if you notice one that’s off, please let us know.

2013 Spreadsheet

Sources:  Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, Bluewaters2u Research Team

“Warning! Penny stocks can be hazardous to your health!”
From Jp/ Bluewaters2u:
Sharing a site  I wish everyone could see playing Penny stocks…I posted on this subject many times and wanted to share This site with my friends and it to you favorites stock players…jp is a public service dedicated to ending penny stock schemes which hurt the innocent, especially seniors and students and others who are easy prey to get rich quick schemes. These dupes are victimized by those who perpetrate penny stock fraud and the promoters who provide aid and comfort to them.

Contrary to some belief, we do not short stocks for three reasons. 1) Shorting penny stocks is just as poor an investment decision as owning penny stocks; 2) Most penny stocks are impossible to short in significant quantities by anybody but a market maker; and, 3) We wish to remain unbiased and unencumbered.

Neither do we get paid by anybody to publish the information or conduct the research we do. We base our subject matter on a number of factors; including, but not limited to, the pressure of the Pump & Dump scheme, its success at creating victims; and, the blatancy of the false information disseminated by the perpetrators

Once a stock has been listed as a subject of a Pump & Dump scheme, it is impossible to have it removed from the historical list of promotions that we call the “Hall of Fame”.  Companies cannot buy their way off the list at any price.

In order to remain as transparent about our motives as possible, we forward every advisory and alert to members of enforcement at the United States Securities Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), by email, to addresses made available to us by these regulators.

While we answer all emails submitted through our Contact Us button on our website, we remain anonymous and we do not publish demographic information for several reasons. First and foremost is our physical safety. There are many schemers out there who will do whatever is required to remain free to cheat the public. Secondly, we do not wish to be hassled by those displeased with our information or those pleading with us to investigate particular schemes. is owned by a corporation registered in the Country of Nevis.


Everyday we get asked why we maintain this money losing website and who it is we are trying to protect. Some of the diehard penny players and the scam perpetrators even laugh at us when a Pump and Dump goes up in spite of our warnings and that we point out the shortcomings of the company that is the target of the pyramid/Ponzi scheme. Incidentally, penny stock promotions are almost always pyramid and orPonzi schemes.

Let’s make one thing clear: We are not here to stop Pump and Dump schemes. Only the SEC and other ball-less agencies of the Federal government can do that.

Also, in spite of the lies and accusations created by the same people who perpetrate these schemes, in an attempt to discredit us, we are not secret pumpers and we are not shorters. Very few penny stocks can be shorted, by anybody that is not a market maker. Those pennies that can be shorted usually have very small quantities available. Anybody who tells you different is a liar, looking to get your money. Interactive Brokers is the most proficient broker out there at shorting penny stocks. In order to see if a certain penny can be shorted, go to their availability list by clicking here.

The truth of the matter is that there are many professional penny players who play most pumped stocks on the hopes that they are going to benefit on the misfortune of those less skilled in the game. And of course, the con artists who run these schemes make money every time. However, in order for someone to make money on a penny stock, be it player or insider, an equal amount of money is lost by the innocent and ignorant dupes out there. It is those people that are the targets of the schemers and that we are trying to warn.

This is not like the major market, because stocks in those markets at least have a hope of sustaining share price increases and see further rises. Legitimate penny stocks are few and far between.

Those who are taken for a ride in the penny market are generally those who need the money most. Seniors and students. They look to the penny market as their way of getting out of a financial jam in a hurry. Eventually most learn their lesson, usually after they find themselves in deeper holes.

We look at penny stocks like smoking and we are the Surgeon General, putting out the warning on every pack of stocks. The truth is that every day, people leave the penny markets. We know, because we get hundreds of emails every month, thanking us for our free service, wishing they had heard about it sooner, and swearing off these stocks. Because there are so many leaving the market every day, in order for these cons to work, the market needs a certain number of new penny players to enter every single day. This is akin to the cigarette industry needing a certain number of new smokers every day to replace the ones that quit or die, The penny industry does everything it can to induce new recruits, from sending out emails (often spam), to issuing hard mailer promotions with outlandish predictions, to advertising in newspapers, to paying shills to talk about their stocks on message boards and chat rooms, to advertising on unrelated websites. We simply apply the label, “Warning! Penny stocks can be hazardous to your health!”

Of course much like cigarettes, there are those who consider themselves smarter than everybody else and just won’t listen. At least not until they get sick and die. That’s ok with us.

To those who write to us and tell us we “saved” them, You’re Welcome

67% of buyers in $MULI were losers on Wednesday. Details in The Nightly #pennystocks
“Warning! Penny stocks can be hazardous to your health!”

OCTOBER 3, 2011
BY JACK BARNES, Global Macro Trends Specialist, Money Morning

Here’s a company to get genuinely excited about: Southern Copper Corp. (NYSE: SCCO).


Because Southern Copper has world-class assets and high profit potential, but its share price has taken a dive amid all of the recent market turmoil.

I love to find a sound business whose stock price has been pummeled in the uncertain markets. It screams bargain and is a major buying opportunity.

And in this case, the fact that Southern Copper’s stock price has dropped means its already-juicy dividend has increased. Currently the company’s $2.48 dividend equates to a 9.5% yield.

Plus, it’s consistent: Over the last five years, Southern Copper has averaged a payout of 83% of its after-tax profits.

Given all that, it’s time to buy this high-yielding, high-quality mining company (**).

Southern Copper Corp. Outshines the Competition

Southern Copper Corp., founded in 1952, engages in mining, smelting, and refining mineral properties in Peru, Mexico, and Chile. It has the largest copper reserves of any publicly traded company, and last year mined more than 1 billion tons of copper. That means it is perfectly positioned to profit from increasing global demand for copper.

The company operates the Toquepala and Cuajone mines in the Andes Mountains located southeast of Lima, Peru, as well as a smelter and refinery in the coastal city of Ilo, Peru. It also operates underground mines that produce zinc, gold, and lead, as well as a coal mine that produces coal and coke.

Southern Copper’s mines are estimated to have a productive life of about 80 years. That means 80 years of revenue from copper, gold and silver deposits.

How China is Driving Silver to $250
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Southern Copper has built a fully integrated operations model that allows it to mine the raw material, refine it, and export the final product. As a result, the company controls each of the value-added steps in copper production. It’s also made Southern Copper the sixth-largest copper producer in the world, the seventh-largest copper smelter and the ninth-largest copper refiner.

The company’s cash operating cost is $1.61 per pound to produce copper, but that cost is lowered to 31 cents per pound by subtracting profits from the mines’ byproducts of gold, silver, lead, zinc and coal.

That’s a lot of secondary profits hitting the bottom line.

Southern Copper Corp. is a subsidiary of Americas Mining Corp. Its stock is 80% controlled by the parent company Grupo Mexico S.A. de C.V. (PINK: GMBXF), with the public markets owning the other 20%. This relationship is beneficial because Southern Copper is protected by one of the largest companies in the world.

However, this structure has a potential downside: Investors in Southern Copper Corp. could be bought out at some point. The parent division has made an offer to relist the merged divisions, which would include replacing the current shares with newly-listed shares and a slightly different share count.

Normally, I shy away from companies with open corporate actions in front of the board of directors. In this case, however, I am willing to look past the possible changes because of the quality assets and profit potential Southern Copper has to offer.

The company reported second-quarter net income of $658 million, 110% higher than 2010’s second quarter. Sales were up 54% to $1.8 million.

The company has a market capitalization of $26 billion with an enterprise value of $28 billion once net debt and cash is accounted for. Its price/earnings (P/E) ratio is 10.73.

Southern Copper Corp. is trading right around its 52-week low of $25.06 and closed Friday at $24.98.

Action to Take: Buy Southern Copper Corp. (NYSE: SCCO) (**).

Southern Copper Corp. gives us a chance to own the longest-life copper mines and largest total copper reserves in the world. Plus, the company has a long history of paying out a large, regular dividend to its investors.

Let’s use the current weakness in price, with the stock trading near its 52-week low, to start building our position in this company.

If you are considering exposing a full 3% of your portfolio to this position, let’s consider buying one-third of the position (or 1% of your total portfolio) now at market. This gets us into the stock at low levels.

Since the stock has already broken down in a very weak market, let’s exercise some patience and put in some GTC (good-“til-canceled) limit orders at 5% and 15% below where we pick up our first leg in.

This will give us real exposure to the company with our entry, while allowing us a chance to build our position at a lower cost per share.

(**) Special Note of Disclosure: Jack Barnes has no interest in Southern Copper Corp. (NYSE: SCCO). 

Source: Money Morning: All the News You Can Profit From
Blue’s Comments:
The Biggest No-Brainer Of The Year !!! at 52 week lows here I would jump all over this as to add to your Precious Metals Portfolio..We will see Copper back up to 52 weeks highs in no time..
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