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The SEO Audit

Do you want more traffic to your site?

Is your site search engine friendly?

Are you providing a good experience for your customers?

SEO Bullseye



Duplicate Title Tags

Unique, descriptive page titles increase the likelihood that search engines will direct users in your target audience to your website. The Alexa Site Audit gives you a detailed listing of duplicate titles used on multiple unique pages to help users locate pages on your site.

Missing Title Tags

Most search engines display the page title in search results, and if your page is missing a title you could be losing an opportunity to drive traffic to your site. The Alexa Site Audit gives you a comprehensive list of pages on your site that are missing a title.

Long Title Tags

When search engines display your page title, they will often truncate titles that are too long. The Alexa Site Audit identifies all pages on your site with titles that are too long.

Multiple Title Tags

Each page on your site needs a unique title that describes the content on the page, but sometimes it is easy to have more than one title on a page. The Alexa Site Audit checks this for you, and will give you a list of pages with multiple titles.


Reachability is a measure of how many links a crawler must follow to locate pages on your site. Our analysis of your site provides you with a list of hard-to-reach pages to help you quickly identify obscured content.


Redirecting too many of the pages on your site to other pages wastes crawler resources and may result in a smaller number of pages being crawled. Our analysis can determine whether or not you are using redirects effectively.

Anchor Text

Effective anchor text concisely describes the destination page. The Alexa Site Audit provides a comprehensive list of links found on various pages of your site.

Broken Links

A broken link undermines the user experience, wastes search engine crawler resources, and can affect your placement in search engines. With the Alexa Site Audit, you can find all the broken links on your site and quickly make changes.

Dead End Pages

Pages without any links are not good for your visitors. We can show you which pages on your site are dead ends to help you improve the user experience.

Page Not Found

A good ‘404’ or ‘Page Not Found’ error page does more than simply report the error. Our analysis of your site can tell you whether or not you have created a proper ‘Page Not Found’ error page.

Long URLs

Most search engines display URLs in search results. If an URL is too long, people doing searches will see a truncated version and you might miss an opportunity to get them to click.

Duplicate Content

Reusing text and images on your site? This can have more of a negative effect than you know. Find out how the duplicate content on your site affects your search engine rank.

Duplicate Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions, like page content, should be unique. We can help you find any duplicate meta descriptions across your entire site so that your pages get properly indexed.

Too Many Links

Links are good. Having too many links can potentially make the page more difficult to navigate, and could create other SEO problems. Discover the pages on your site that have too many links.


 Server Errors

Server errors indicate major problems with the content of your site. The Alexa Site Audit checks for server errors on your site and provides a comprehensive list of pages that are giving server errors.


A misconfigured robots.txt file can inadvertently block crawlers from valuable content. The Alexa Site Audit can check to see if your robots.txt file is configured correctly, and provides recommendations if it is not.

Session IDs

Sites that use session ID parameters as part of their URLs may receive a lower ranking in search results. Find out which pages on your site use these with the Alexa Site Audit.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Build upon your existing SEM efforts with our keyword recommendations, tailored to your site. Using our vast database of search analytics, we can help you find the more cost-effective and relevant keywords to use for advertising.

On-Site Links

We also analyze the link structure of your site to determine which pages could benefit from more links from across your site.


Many websites allow for users to visit them through both and Most search engines treat these as separate hosts, so it is important to have one redirect to the other or you risk splitting your Page Rank across the two versions of your site.

Low Word Count

Pages with little or no text content often receive poor placement in search results. In the Alexa Site Audit, you can find a listing of pages containing little or no text content to help improve your placement in search results.

Image Descriptions

Using image descriptions can help search engines index the non-text content of your pages, and makes your site more accessible for the visually impaired. Discover the location of pages on your site that have images without description.

Sources: alexa site audit, Blue’s Research Team

The SEO Audit


Digital marketing is gaining momentum in around the world. Brands, Ad Agencies and companies are taking digital more seriously than ever before. One of the biggest advantages that Digital Marketing brings to the table is Measurement. We all have heard the old adage: “I know half my marketing works, I just don’t know which half.”

Digital marketing solves that problem with analytics and reporting and helps us optimize our ad campaigns. Display ads, social media ads, email ads etc. all are measurable and the computers don’t make mathematical mistakes. We can find out which banners get the maximum CTR, which ads convert the best and what subject lines for the emails get the highest open rates.

Display ads, email marketing, social media marketing, PPC marketing and content marketing are the digital marketing methods which has caught the most attention of the companies who usually invested only in traditional marketing.



Old-School SEO Can Hurt You!

SEO is also gaining momentum but because of the recent algorithmic changes by Google, marketers are confused about the right approach to it.

By now, I guess many companies have realized that hiring an SEO agency to do old school SEO stuff like link building, article marketing and directory submissions can do more harm in the long term than good.

Now that there are so many digital marketing methods available to be exploited, the question arises – how to use all of these methods in such a way that each digital marketing method complements each other?

Investment in social media should help SEO, SEO should help content marketing, content should help in email marketing and in turn email should help in social media and SEO. The art of combining all the digital marketing methods into a single efficient system is called Integrated Digital Marketing.

Integrated Digital Marketing


Integrated digital marketing works in such a way that SEO, Email, Content and Social Media complement each other instead of trying to achieve the goal of increasing branding or sales on its own.

For example, it has been proved that Social Media advertising gives a poor ROI since the conversion rates are very low. But that happens only when marketers try to use social media ads to drive the sales directly.

But social media is best utilized when trying to build a following, spread the word about an idea or a brand and used as a listening tool instead of a sales machine.

The following diagram shows how each digital marketing method can complement each other and help build a tribe/following which helps in branding, lead generation, sales and getting feedback about the products and services of a company.



You can observe that content marketing is the central piece in integrated digital marketing. Content marketing helps build a brand online, build trust and authority in the marketplace.

Content Marketing is Crucial

When you publish good content, the search engines pick up quality signals through the user behavior. For example if a search result is clicked and a user spends a lot of time on the page without clicking the back button, then it is an obvious signal that the page is of good quality and also relevant to the search keyword.

Thus content marketing, or rather quality content marketing can help in SEO. In the above diagram, the orange lines mean signals and black ones means the traffic flow.

Social Media Marketing

Good content is also shared on social media. When new visitors come through the search engines and find the content very useful, they will be compelled to share it with their friends because by sharing something useful they gain credibility among their followers


Good quality content is a key to an effective social media strategy. Fortunately, the search engines also pickup social signals to determine the quality of a page. If a page is shared 100 times on Facebook, that information helps the search engines in ranking the page.

Off-Page and On Page SEO

SEO is not dead. But off-page optimization is dead. Because off-page signals have to be sent to the search engines through the user behavior and not the webmaster.

User behavior such as no social sharing and less time spent on the site is a signal that the web page is either of low quality or it is of low relevancy. You cannot off-page-optimize a website. There is no such thing as off page optimization now. There is only off page signals and a webmaster has nothing to do about it.

On-page optimization is the webmaster communicating to the search engines about the quality and relevancy of a website. On-page optimization has to be done properly because the search engines are robots and not humans.

The data has to be spoon fed to them so that they can understand what the site is about. This information combined with off-page signals can help them rank a website accordingly.

Email Marketing

Now let us see how to integrate email marketing into this mix. To do email marketing, you need subscribers first. And these subscribers should be opt-in subscribers who are giving you permission to send them messages.

High quality opt-in subscribers can be gained only from a content channel. This content channel can be your own or it can be someone else’s. (You can advertise in other’s content channel to gain subscribers). But having your own content channel can help reduce cost per lead acquisition drastically.

You basically pull in subscribers from search and social media using your content as the magnet. Search engines do not send traffic directly to landing pages with forms and such landing pages are also not shared on social media. But both channels will send traffic to content from which you can get email subscribers.

How it all Comes Together

When you publish fresh content, you can update your email subscribers with the new content you have published and those subscribers will share it on social media. This sends user behavior signals and social signals to the search engines and new visitors will come to your content channel via the search engines – which can help in increasing your social media followers and email subscribers as well!

I hope this post gave you a lot of ideas about how content marketing can be enhanced using social, search and email. I have been using this method to gain footprint in a lot of markets and I have also been consulting a lot of companies to follow the integrated marketing route to get the maximum out of digital marketing. Every time, I am just pleasantly surprised with the results. This is content marketing 2.0!

Web Design Solutions Unlimited is launching a new Product soon and Integrated digital marketing will be the forefront of this great new product..Less than 30 Days for this coming out product to hit our product line in July…jp

Sources: Shared great articles of Interest:, and Bluewaters2u Research Team.


How Integrated Digital Marketing Can Help Increase Your Traffic and Conversions

Tip of the Day!
June 23rd

Google dropped the hammer on low-quality links.

Before Penguin, SEOs widely believed that bad links couldn’t hurt you, and redirecting entire domains with bad links wasn’t likely to have much of an effect.

If the Penguin update and developments of the past year have taught us anything, it’s this:

When you redirect a domain, its bad backlinks go with it.
Webmasters often roll up several older domains into a single website, not realizing that bad backlinks may harbor poison that sickens the entire effort. If you’ve been penalized or suffered from low-quality backlinks, it’s often easier and more effective to simply stop the redirect than to try and clean up individual links.

Check out Web Design Solutions Unlimited Website Checklist and

Website Q&A here.

Tip of the Day! Google dropped the hammer on low-quality links.

Gotta luv this new up-and-comer of syncing services, with its choice for unlimited peer-to-peer syncing and super-clear interface.
With Cubby, your stuff is shared across all your computers, tablets, and smartphones and always accessible at It’s everything in its everyplace.

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  • PROSBeautiful modern design. Extreme simplicity of setup and use. Peer-to-peer syncing removes storage limits. Syncs any folder on your drive, but also has a master sync folder. Easy sharing. Saves unlimited versions. Well-designed iOS and Android apps.
  • CONS     

No Web-based document editing. Past versions of files only available from Web interface. A top feature, DirectSync, is Pro only. Whole updated files transferred instead of just changed bits.

  • BOTTOM LINECubby is an up-and-comer of syncing services, with its choice for unlimited peer-to-peer syncing and super clear interface.

The highly regarded maker of remote-computer-control software, LogMeIn, claims that its new file-cloud-syncing and online storage offering, Cubby, attracted more beta testers than any product in the company’s history. And it’s no wonder: Cubby is a delight to use, and offers all the simplicity, apps, and features you could want in such a service. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the service was free with 5GB of online storage space. With the service’s exit from beta, the free 5GB offer remains, but paying $6.99 a month ups that limit to 100GB and adds collaboration and more management and security features.
Cubby – Cubbies
Each cubby gets a folder entry like this in the desktop interface. You can drag-and-drop any folder on your computer to create a cubby that syncs it. Note the gray one is not cloud synced, but rather Direct Synced to your other computers. You can’t add sub-cubbies, but if you add a subfolder to the folder the cubby represents, it will also be synced.


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Tip of the Day!
June 21, 2013
Lap Top shaking Hands Tip of the Day Web Design Solutions UnlimitedIs Your Business Share-Worthy?

Technology has made it easier than ever for your customers to share information about your business. Your packaging, services, emails, website and more can all be shared and reviewed instantly. Walk through every facet of your customer experience to ensure that if you go viral it’s for the right reasons.

Web Design Solutions Unlimited, LLC

Our company is founded on a strong principle of quality, affordability, professionalism & outstanding customer service. Our vision & mission is to become one of the largest web service providers world wide. And to deliver high-quality products at very competitive prices while providing first-clas…

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Green Circle Tip od the Day Web Design Solutions Unlimited
Tip of Day! Web Design Solutions Unlimited.

Tip of the Day!
June 18, 2013
Social Media:
Use Media Coverage to Reach More Customers

Media coverage can increase visibility with your target audience. Before you pitch your story, idea, or press release build a relationship with your targeted media sources. Start by following them on social media to read and share their content. An established relationship is a good first step to getting strong coverage.

Our company is founded on a strong principle of quality, affordability, professionalism & outstanding customer service. Our vision & mission is to become one of the largest web service providers world wide. And to deliver high-quality products at very competitive prices while providing first-clas…

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Tip of the Day! Web Design Solutions Unlimited.

If you are still undecided about starting a social media program,
watch this awesome

Jp Outhouse
Web Design Solutions Unlimited

Tip of the Day!
June 13, 2013

Shield Your Site From Cyber-Attacks
One of the first lines of defense against a cyber attackPrivacy2_610x426 is your web browser. Keep your browsers and other programs such as Java, Reader and Shockwave updated. Don’t rely only on automatic updates but periodically check for updates that will help keep your computer safe.

Web Design Solutions Unlimited

worlds-connecting-cablesto_480  x 270

Facebook Biz page:

Web Check list:



Security risks are increasing in quantity and complexity, while at the same time successful cyber attacks are significantly impacting an organization’s operations and success. Data breaches have become the latest epidemic rising in proportion. Like an epidemic, the impact of a data breach can be reduced only through proper planning and appropriate response. Understanding the security risk factors combined with taking action to reduce risk is how small organizations can overcome. Reversing these trends and security risk factors requires a comprehensive security approach that reduces the risk of cyber attacks, financial loss, and reputational damage. Aside from establishing a responsible security plan for the entire organization, SMBs need to invest in an capable network security solution that will provide both network visibility to mitigate security risks and a strong intrusion detection to detect both internal and external security threats.

Many ideas on protecting your Browser and Computer coming soon!

Tip of the Day!  June 13, 2013 Web Design Solutions Unlimited


Tips of the Day!…Web Design Solutions Unlimited
June 11, 2013

Build Trust to Increase Conversions
To increase your website conversion rate, build trust with your visitors. 1.) Add visible contact information, including your address if you have a physical location. 2.) Write clear descriptions of your products and services. 3.) Include an easy to understand return policy. Try these easy steps to help build trust and increase conversions.


Tips of the Day!  Web Design Solutions Unlimited

If you are still undecided about starting a social media program,
watch this awesome video

Social and Digital Media Revolution

Statistics 2013

 Otherwise, read on.

If your business has a Facebook page, a twitter account, or a company blog, you are engaged in social media. If your company actively maintains its Facebook page, twitter account and/or company blog, you are engaging in social media.

Understanding the difference is critical. 

Web Design Solutions Unlimited approach to social media management leverages the principles of consistency and persistence of voice to create a social media presence that lends itself well to the client’s already established web presence.

This means that users visiting your Facebook page or industry blog will have an experience similar to what your website delivers. It means that followers of your Facebook page or Twitter feed will always recognize the ‘voice behind the page’ and that voice will always reflect well on your business. It means that comments never go unanswered and new fans are welcomed in a warm and friendly manner.

It also means that your Facebook ‘Wall‘ and Twitter feed are always current, active and engaging. We scour the web daily to glean useful and interesting articles, videos, and blog postings to keep your followers informed and entertained. We will develop with you polls, contests and marketing campaigns that encourage participation and promote social sharing.

Simply put: We are the ‘social’ behind your social media! Call or contact us today to learn how we can empower your social media program!

Of the 70% of local merchants using Facebook as a marketing tool, only 37% find it effective.
 If your business’ social media program is falling short of projected goals,

Some of our web development services include:

  • Content management system (CMS) websites
  • Custom Intranet Solutions and Portals
  • Custom Ecommerce solutions
  • Multimedia sharing websites.
  • Facebook Fan Page and Facebook Marketing Advertising
  • Google Ads, Yahoo and Bing Ads
  • Blog Pages site setup, 
  • Links to Twitter, Facebook
  • Real Estate listing manager
  • Auto dealership websites
  • Classifieds websites
  • Transportation reservation system
  • Multi level networking websites.
  • Content management system
  • Leads capture landing page development and programming. optional integration with analytic conversion tracking and email marketing software.
  • Leads management software – Merge, export and import leads from files or directly from your website
  • Equipment rental reservation system
  • Blogs, Forums and Open Source script customization
  • Dating & Social networking websites.
  • Club membership websites
  • Non profit portals
  • Initial Site Setup
    Social Media Community Setup
    Custom Website Apps
    Graphic Design
  • CRM Solutions
  • Paypal Integration
    Payment processor integration – accept credit cards using your merchant account. Paypal, Google checkout, or any other popular gateway.
  • SEO Programming – structured search engine friendly urls, product feeds, rss, automated XML sitemap
  • and much much more…
Our mission is simple — to deliver high-quality products at very competitive prices and to provide first-class service in the process.
We take pride in the fact that we’re straight shooters. There are no tricks in what we do, just good old-fashioned business principles.

Below are a few reasons why you should choose us to handle your web service needs….

  • We offer affordable web services. 
  • We uphold and protect customer privacy
  • We offer outstanding customer service – 24/7 telephone, email and online support. Always available when you need it!
  • We Provide reliable services that you can count on
  • We deliver quality services. 
  • Offer full service – no more shopping around for quotes. Web Design Solutions Unlimited LLC offers everything you need in house. Web development, search engine marketing, website maintenance, web hosting, dedicated servers, custom programming and much more.
  • Our Team is made up of the Top Web Site Building Designers and Engineers coming from many Backgrounds of Design and Web Inter-graded Services.

Let us handle your custom project and you will be glad that you chose us!

Get your business to the next level and watch your Business grow beyond your expectations !!

Contact us today and schedule a complimentary consultation.

 Request a quote today or call 321.537.8506 / toll free call                                 1.800.961.0368

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Social and Digital Media Revolution !



Social and Digital Media Revolution!

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