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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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Brand with the Future in Mind

If you have plans to scale your business, it’s a good idea to build a brand early. When deciding between business or personal branding, be forward-thinking. If your personality or knowledge are what customers are buying, then a personal brand may be more appropriate. Whichever you choose, keep the future in mind to set yourself, and your business, up for longevity.

Brand Yourself man woman shadow

Think you’re clear regarding the difference of branding yourself vs. branding your business? Branding is a crucial aspect in developing a successful business. Whether you brand only your small business or you brand yourself (or both) depends exactly on what type of business you have and who your target audience is. But, you will find several serious downsides to being focused on branding yourself rather than the business unless all the company is you.

Branding Yourself

If YOU are the business, meaning much of your income source has been because of being a public figure of some sort or other — such as a speaker, an actor, an author, a life coach, or any position that has to have your voice and face to be in the picture and the business will end if you die or quit, then you do want to brand yourself. Aside from that small niche, you really want to brand your business instead of yourself.

Take some time to decide if your business might be sold if you die, or decide to sell and retire. In any other case, then you want to be branding yourself together with your business. If you can sell or pass on your small business to others, then concentrate on branding the company only as a separate entity from yourself. Granted, a lot of people do both especially those who have both a business that they could sell, and also engage in public speaking, writing, teaching and coaching. So, sometimes it isn’t an either or proposition but it is imperative that you look at your business to be sure that you are not neglecting an important possibility to brand your business outside of yourself. This ensures longevity past your lifetime or career.

Branding Your Small Business

Different than just branding yourself, branding your small business properly offers the message you intend to deliver, provides credibility, motivates the suitable buyers, and creates loyalty among customers.

But it also creates value outside the current state of your products and offerings. It can also create value when you’re gone. Maybe you are gone through death or simply because you arrange to sell the business and move on to other opportunities. Among the most wealthy people today they launched a business, then sold in the height of its popularity to earn millions. These folks were able to do that because the business had a brand separate from themselves which enabled them to sell to someone else who could continue the company without them.

Therefore if you now have a product or service based business that someone else could easily run without you, brand the business. For those who have a product that IS you, branding yourself is probably the route to take. But, the greatest thing to do is find a way to do both. Find a way to separate the parts of the business that happen to be just you, and the parts of the business that someone else could do should you sell it directly to them or hire them to do it.

It may be a difficult decision for many of us. We treat our businesses like extensions of ourselves and surely they can be, but when you are looking at the future value of your business, branding the company separate from branding yourself is essential for longevity.

Sources:, Aric Jackson, Web Design Solutions Unlimited, Manta

Aric Jackson is an Internet Marketer, 5 Time Published Author & International Speaker. He has a knack for helping Young & New Entrepreneurs across the country. This article was just one tip from his Free Report “Traffic Bootcamp.”

Great information when Building a Website and Branding yourself

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Tip of the Day! Web Design Solutions Unlimited “Brand yourself !”


#Justin Timberlake

JT has video banned from YouTube.



The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as being potentially offensive or inappropriate. Viewer discretion is advised.

Jul 4, 2013
Source: @Luo_T
Photo : Getty Images
Yesterday ( #JT ) Justin Timberlake unveiled his latest video, “Tunnel Vision”. But barely 24hrs after its debut, the video has been pulled from YouTube due to its raunchy content!
watch video here:
“Tunnel Vision” features several scenes of bare chested women and this is a direct violation of YouTube’s nudity policy.

Copyright : MTV Base
Sources: MTV
#Justin Timberlake. #TunnelVision, #Video Banned,
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE VIDEO BAN! Tunnel Vision 07/06/1013

Happy Monday juicer’s is all Passion Fruit Juice mix..with my regular added Flaxseed, Beet juice, Honey and Super Green…Have a great week friends and stay thirsty…jp

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Juicing with JP.. Many friends have asked if I would share some of my Nutri Bullet recipes.One of my favorite morning recipes for the Nutri Bullet..from Jp’s place.Juicing Startup 2013-06-24

Click  pic to enlarge

What you will need to put your Healthy Juice together.

1. Hand full of Kale or Hand full of Baby Spinach and or both..

2. Half a cup to cup of Blueberries

3. 1 tablespoon of local honey

4. 1 Teaspoon of Fresh Ground Cinnamon.  (Note here: don’t use 1 year old and or older powder that is stashed in your pantry. Get some fresh cinnamon from the local store, powder is fine and shaving a cinnamon stick is great too)

5. 1/4 or half of apple

6. Slice of mango, nice chunk of Cantaloupe, half a banana or chunks of fresh Pineapple. (I use a little of all these most of the time)

6.2 caps…

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Digital marketing is gaining momentum in around the world. Brands, Ad Agencies and companies are taking digital more seriously than ever before. One of the biggest advantages that Digital Marketing brings to the table is Measurement. We all have heard the old adage: “I know half my marketing works, I just don’t know which half.”

Digital marketing solves that problem with analytics and reporting and helps us optimize our ad campaigns. Display ads, social media ads, email ads etc. all are measurable and the computers don’t make mathematical mistakes. We can find out which banners get the maximum CTR, which ads convert the best and what subject lines for the emails get the highest open rates.

Display ads, email marketing, social media marketing, PPC marketing and content marketing are the digital marketing methods which has caught the most attention of the companies who usually invested only in traditional marketing.



Old-School SEO Can Hurt You!

SEO is also gaining momentum but because of the recent algorithmic changes by Google, marketers are confused about the right approach to it.

By now, I guess many companies have realized that hiring an SEO agency to do old school SEO stuff like link building, article marketing and directory submissions can do more harm in the long term than good.

Now that there are so many digital marketing methods available to be exploited, the question arises – how to use all of these methods in such a way that each digital marketing method complements each other?

Investment in social media should help SEO, SEO should help content marketing, content should help in email marketing and in turn email should help in social media and SEO. The art of combining all the digital marketing methods into a single efficient system is called Integrated Digital Marketing.

Integrated Digital Marketing


Integrated digital marketing works in such a way that SEO, Email, Content and Social Media complement each other instead of trying to achieve the goal of increasing branding or sales on its own.

For example, it has been proved that Social Media advertising gives a poor ROI since the conversion rates are very low. But that happens only when marketers try to use social media ads to drive the sales directly.

But social media is best utilized when trying to build a following, spread the word about an idea or a brand and used as a listening tool instead of a sales machine.

The following diagram shows how each digital marketing method can complement each other and help build a tribe/following which helps in branding, lead generation, sales and getting feedback about the products and services of a company.



You can observe that content marketing is the central piece in integrated digital marketing. Content marketing helps build a brand online, build trust and authority in the marketplace.

Content Marketing is Crucial

When you publish good content, the search engines pick up quality signals through the user behavior. For example if a search result is clicked and a user spends a lot of time on the page without clicking the back button, then it is an obvious signal that the page is of good quality and also relevant to the search keyword.

Thus content marketing, or rather quality content marketing can help in SEO. In the above diagram, the orange lines mean signals and black ones means the traffic flow.

Social Media Marketing

Good content is also shared on social media. When new visitors come through the search engines and find the content very useful, they will be compelled to share it with their friends because by sharing something useful they gain credibility among their followers


Good quality content is a key to an effective social media strategy. Fortunately, the search engines also pickup social signals to determine the quality of a page. If a page is shared 100 times on Facebook, that information helps the search engines in ranking the page.

Off-Page and On Page SEO

SEO is not dead. But off-page optimization is dead. Because off-page signals have to be sent to the search engines through the user behavior and not the webmaster.

User behavior such as no social sharing and less time spent on the site is a signal that the web page is either of low quality or it is of low relevancy. You cannot off-page-optimize a website. There is no such thing as off page optimization now. There is only off page signals and a webmaster has nothing to do about it.

On-page optimization is the webmaster communicating to the search engines about the quality and relevancy of a website. On-page optimization has to be done properly because the search engines are robots and not humans.

The data has to be spoon fed to them so that they can understand what the site is about. This information combined with off-page signals can help them rank a website accordingly.

Email Marketing

Now let us see how to integrate email marketing into this mix. To do email marketing, you need subscribers first. And these subscribers should be opt-in subscribers who are giving you permission to send them messages.

High quality opt-in subscribers can be gained only from a content channel. This content channel can be your own or it can be someone else’s. (You can advertise in other’s content channel to gain subscribers). But having your own content channel can help reduce cost per lead acquisition drastically.

You basically pull in subscribers from search and social media using your content as the magnet. Search engines do not send traffic directly to landing pages with forms and such landing pages are also not shared on social media. But both channels will send traffic to content from which you can get email subscribers.

How it all Comes Together

When you publish fresh content, you can update your email subscribers with the new content you have published and those subscribers will share it on social media. This sends user behavior signals and social signals to the search engines and new visitors will come to your content channel via the search engines – which can help in increasing your social media followers and email subscribers as well!

I hope this post gave you a lot of ideas about how content marketing can be enhanced using social, search and email. I have been using this method to gain footprint in a lot of markets and I have also been consulting a lot of companies to follow the integrated marketing route to get the maximum out of digital marketing. Every time, I am just pleasantly surprised with the results. This is content marketing 2.0!

Web Design Solutions Unlimited is launching a new Product soon and Integrated digital marketing will be the forefront of this great new product..Less than 30 Days for this coming out product to hit our product line in July…jp

Sources: Shared great articles of Interest:, and Bluewaters2u Research Team.


How Integrated Digital Marketing Can Help Increase Your Traffic and Conversions

Juicing with JP.. Many friends have asked if I would share some of my Nutri Bullet recipes. One of my favorite morning recipes for the Nutri Bullet..from Jp’s place. Juicing Startup 2013-06-24

Click  pic to enlarge

What you will need to put your Healthy Juice together.

1. Hand full of Kale or Hand full of Baby Spinach and or both..

2. Half a cup to cup of Blueberries

3. 1 tablespoon of local honey

4. 1 Teaspoon of Fresh Ground Cinnamon.  (Note here: don’t use 1 year old and or older powder that is stashed in your pantry. Get some fresh cinnamon from the local store, powder is fine and shaving a cinnamon stick is great too)

5. 1/4 or half of apple

6. Slice of mango, nice chunk of Cantaloupe, half a banana or chunks of fresh Pineapple. (I use a little of all these most of the time)

6. 2 caps full of Beet Root Juice concentrated or if not concentrated use 1 cup of organic Beet juice.

7.  2 tablespoons of Spectrum Essentials Ground Flaxseed- Omega-3 & Super Fruits..    (12 Ounces Seeds , $0.33/serving )

8. 1 scoop of Amazing Grass Orac Green Super food (7.4 Ounces Powder, $0.90/serving )|top-_-alpha

9. Fill Nutri Bullet glass halfway with desired natural juice such as V8  V.Fusion Vegetable & Fruit Juice ( many types pick your favorites)  OJ, Cranberry/Blueberry juice, Welch’s Grape juice and so on. Brand name “Naked Juice” all natural Pepsi Juices are awesome here.. They have Kiwi, Carrot and many other awesome juices and you don’t need much to fill the glass half way prior to purging the mix. Juicing befor purging 2013-06-24

Product just before purging in your juicer.

Be sure to shake mix between purging your juice mixture to help breakup the Super Green Powder and Flax Seed.. Juice blended 2013-06-24

Your Juice after purging.

By the way the Beet root juice is an excellent choice for lowering Blood pressure! #1 juice for lowering Blood Pressure according to Dr Oz and many other clinically backed facts reports. Note here: purge your mix and shake it a few times and purge it again when using the powers and flaxseed.. Enjoy and Happy Health…jp Juice Final Product 2013-06-24

Enjoy your Healthy Juice to start your day!

Special note here: I am not selling or affiliate for reseller on any of these products. Just a Juicer from Florida…jp Start a small Garden in your backyard for fresh veggies and fruits to add to your juicing is one I started below. Garden 2013-06-24 My Garden, Tomatoes,Bell Peppers, Yellow Squash and Cucumbers for starters. Feel free to follow this new page and share/ like it to your facebook as well..thanks for checking Juicing with Jp

Sources:, Nutri Bullet and My Juicing recipe /pic experience. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.

Juicing Startup 2013-06-24

Juicing with Jp… A Healthy Start for your Day!

This is a awesome Social Media video.

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If you are still undecided about starting a social media program,
watch this awesome video

Social and Digital Media Revolution

Statistics 2013

 Otherwise, read on.

If your business has a Facebook page, a twitter account, or a company blog, you are engaged in social media. If your company actively maintains its Facebook page, twitter account and/or company blog, you are engaging in social media.

Understanding the difference is critical. 

Web Design Solutions Unlimited approach to social media management leverages the principles of consistency and persistence of voice to create a social media presence that lends itself well to the client’s already established web presence.

This means that users visiting your Facebook page or industry blog will have an experience similar to what your website delivers. It means that followers of your Facebook page or Twitter feed will always recognize the ‘voice behind the page’ and that voice…

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Awesome news Tebow Fans….Report: Patriots signing Tim Tebow !




The New England Patriots are expected to sign quarterback Tim Tebow and have him in minicamp by Tuesday, according to ESPN.

Tebow spent last season with the New York Jets, but only saw limited action. He finished the season with just eight passing attempts for 39 yards and zero touchdowns, and the Jets cut him on April 29.

As weeks went by with Tebow still unemployed, it seemed possible he may never play in the NFL again. Yahoo! Sports reported in May that New England head coach Bill Belichick did not like Tebow and that he said there was “no chance” of Tebow coming to the Patriots.

Belichick later refuted that report, and told that he wouldn’t rule out the team signing Tebow.

“I wouldn’t get into the probability of us pursuing any free agent,” Belichick said. “Every single player has strengths and weaknesses but regardless of that, for anyone to have represented that is the way I feel about Tim Tebow is completely untrue, baseless and irresponsible. It is unfortunate that something so inaccurate was reported.”

The Patriots’ signing of Tebow will reunite him with Josh McDaniels, New England’s offensive coordinator and former head coach of Tebow with the Denver Broncos.

McDaniels and the Broncos drafted Tebow in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft, and made him the full-time starter in 2011. Tebow led the Broncos to the playoffs and a first-round upset of the Pittsburgh Steelers after an 80-yard game-winning touchdown pass in overtime.

The Patriots will have Tebow study with the team’s tight ends, according to’s Mike Freeman. “Tebow won’t exclusively study TE. But he’s also not just going to study QB,” Freeman tweeted.

The Patriots have a history of using versatile players at multiple positions. Mike Vrabel was used as both a linebacker and tight end, while Troy Brown saw time as a wide receiver and defensive back.

Belichick also has shown a willingness to bring in players who had been off-field distractions in the past. Among the players he acquired that few other teams were willing to: Randy Moss, Chad Johnson (known as Chad Ochocinco at the time), Corey Dillon, Aqib Talib, Albert Haynesworth and Bryan Cox.

The Patriots have not officially announced the signing of Tebow, but did announce that they cut backup quarterback Mike Kafka. New England’s quarterback depth chart also includes Ryan Mallett, who attempted just four passes last season.

Source: and ESPN

ESPN Report Patriots signing Tim Tebow !

This may be useful to new Dinar holders..I posted this back in March but thought now may be a good time to re-post with all the hype going on…jp / Bluewaters2u

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Investing in currencies can be wildly risky and volatile.

It can also drive massive gains from relatively small investments.

Just about every currency can be traded against another in real-time, providing tons of potential profits from most currencies in the world.

But what about the Iraqi dinar?

Why are people so crazy about it these days?

Is it really so unique and exotic?

The Iraqi dinar is a currency that has acquired quite a bit of popularity since the Iraq War began in 2003. That popularity has increased tenfold amidst speculation that it will dramatically increase in value.

Why else would the United States government be hoarding more of it than any other nation on the planet (excluding Iraq)?

Did Bush know something we didn’t when he asserted that the “war would pay for itself”?

Can we, as investors, find an opportunity here?

We’ve created this report to make…

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I re-posted a article I published/shared back in March 2013 on my Blog Site within “Iraq News Category… Lets see if it holds any water with today’s events as they unfold around us 3 months later…Post your thoughts below..I would enjoy your reading them…

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Iraq is very close to RV-Revaluation of the IQD & here is WHY,HCL- Oil & Gas Law, Erbil Agreement, Kuwait Port & Boarder, WTO ,IMF, UN, March 12th,2012.

Iraq is very close to RV-Revaluation of the IQD & here is WHY,HCL- Oil & Gas Law, Erbil Agreement, Kuwait Port & Boarder, WTO ,IMF, UN, 03/13/2012.

Here are a few reasons why Iraq is so very close to an Revalueation of their currency ( IQD )…In my Opinion and only speculation..

I agree Helen, but lets think about it and look at what we do know to be true…and find some sort of “peaceful easy feelings” towards what we think we know.. ummm…Didn’t the Eagles sing something about that..anyways….

1st….We know they have passed the 3…

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Just a Thought…
” Knowledge is empowering and provokes ones thought process to post an opinion on the subject at hand. Empower yourself to research and feed your wisdom towards an educated opinion that gives merit to thought…..And always be true to yourself 1st “…
By Jp/Bluewaters2u

Bringing you Written Thoughts and Solutions from and to around the World!

Blue’s Comments:  When Branding ones self make sure to cover all the Social Media worth while sites and most importantly “provide great content” worth the readers time…jp/Blue

Awesome Sail Boat.

Just a Thought…by Bluewaters2u.

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