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A legitimate company will never send you spam email. First of all, spam is illegal. Secondly, all the information that they would need to get out to the public is disseminated though press releases. If they need to make themselves aware to the public, they do it through a number of legitimate campaigns such as advertising, technology fairs and the like.

Sometimes emails received are from a free subscription based touting service. Sign-ups are how these touts get around spam laws. However, the intent is the same: to con you out of your money. These touts are paid by the people intending to dump their stock on you and usually say so in the fine print of their promotions. While their names are constantly changing currently subscriptions are available to GrowingStockReports.com, EpicStockPicks.com, Eastwind Research, Penny Stock Alerts and dozens of others. These sites often tout the same stock and there is a good reason for that. Touts usually own many touting sites and promote under various names in order to give the perception of a wide following for the particular stock they are touting. StocksGoneWild.com, and EpicStockPicks.com are sisters as are QualityOTC.com and BestOfPennyStocks.com.

MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon is an example of another touting service paid for by insiders wishing to promote their stock under the perception of a TV interview show. The fact is that these insiders pay to be on this “show” and just about the only place you’ll see the interview is on MoneyTV’s own website. The insiders will usually disseminate a press release bragging about how they were interviewed on MoneyTV in an effort towards self-importance.

There’s an old saying, “Once a crook, always a crook”, and that’s why it’s always a good idea to see who is running the show at the company. Verify his resume. Most companies at one time, will offer up the qualifications of the President, CEO or other officers. Check his past involvement with public companies and the past performance of that stock. Chances are that if he’s been involved with past pump and dumps or other schemes, you’re now looking at one that is heading in that direction. Also, it is a good idea to look into court records of the individual(s) involved and their previous companies and see if anyone has been involved in civil or criminal proceedings, especially for fraud.

Yes, forums such as investorshub.com, siliconinvestor.com or the Yahoo Finance Message Boards usually contain contributions from child-like posters who are there for no other reason than to try and convince themselves that they made a good investment. But you can often find the touts or Investor Relations guys posting anonymously trying to keep the pom poms shaking and keeping the naysayers in check. They know that people who are apt to follow spam email or stock touts probably consider these message boards to be research so they want to bluster about their great investment and brag about all the money they are supposedly making. These are the guys who call anybody negative or questioning the company a “paid basher” (there is no such thing) or the ones who claim they have done their “DD” ( due diligence) when there is really none to be done. When you ask what DD they did, they will be vague with their answer or give a non-answer, with a “Because I said so” kind of response. They are also the ones who offer up lame excuses for down days such as naked short selling (does not occur in the penny stock market) or MM (market maker) manipulation. They are also the ones who make bold and baseless predictions like, “This is an easy ten-bagger” (stock price will increase by a multiple of ten).

Stock touts and other promoters will do anything to keep you from thinking, using words like, “You’ll miss the boat” or Everyone in the know is getting in right now” or “the entire street is talking about this stock”.  They’ll even call you a fool if you “don’t buy right now”.  Sometimes, you’ll get the same high pressure email over and over again, a clear sign that they need more volume in order complete all the planned insider sales.  If you’re being given the “now or never” option, pick never and you’ll save money every time..  You’re being conned into participating in a pump and dump scheme.

Beware if the company claims to be an industry leader (do you really think a penny stock can be a leader in anything except possibly scams?) or has made a breakthrough discovery. A company with legitimate breakthrough technology is unlikely to be promoting itself on the penny stock market and will most likely have funding available to it within a variety of partnerships with major companies. These same companies will not likely be interested in dealing with a penny stock company.  Also, question the likelihood of a fairly new company being the leader in anything other than schemes.

If a stock’s trading volume and price per share, show a recent and sudden increase, there is a good chance that the stock is being set up for a pump and dump. Especially if it has been involved in one in the past.

8. FINANCIALS (or lack thereof)
A legitimate company will always make recent financials available, even if it is a penny stock that is not required to file financials with the SEC. And if there are financials are they fabricated? Would a billion dollar company be found within a penny stock?  Also, compare the assets of the company to the market cap of its stock.  Is a company with a couple of thousand dollars in the bank really worth $100 million?

If nobody will tell you how many shares are out on the street or if that number is disproportionate to the stock price (a billion shares of a stock trading @ one tenth of a penny for example, stay away. Chances are a reverse split is coming and you will be left with only a few shares worth a fraction of what you spent.

Look at the history of trading on the company over the last year or so.  If you see sudden big jumps in share price and volume over a few days followed by just as quick drops in price and volume, chances are that the stock has been the subject of past pump and dumps programs.

Sometimes you’ll hear that a particular penny stock will rise because of a tremendous short position in the stock and an upcoming short squeeze.  We’ll say it again.  Large short positions in penny stocks don’t occur because it is almost impossible for anybody outside of a market maker to take a significant short position in a penny stock.  There has yet to be the penny stock that had a rise in price because of  a short squeeze.  Very few brokerage firms will allow you to short penny stocks and those that will encounter so many restrictions that it is impossible for a significant short position to exist.

For some reason, dupes consider the announcement of a cancellation of shares or share buyback programs to be signs of authenticity of the insiders’ intentions.  Insiders will announce these programs part and parcel with a pump and dump scheme.

The cancellation of shares, usually involving an insider’s return of some of his common stock to the company treasury, is usually meaningless because the insider(s) will never give back enough stock to relinquish control of the company.  And as along as the insider(s) have control, they are free to reissue themselves stock under a number of schemes, once they have sold enough to put their control in peril.  They also probably hold enough preferred shares, options and warrants to give themselves all the future shares they want.

Share buyback programs are usually announced with caveats such, “at the discretion of the board” and “from time to time”, meaning they might buy stock when they want, at the price they want and as many shares as they feel like.   There has yet to be a significant buyback program carried out on the penny stock market.

If a previously quiet penny stock suddenly has a rash of news releases within a few days, chances are it is the subject or about to undergo a pump and dump program.

If you are receiving email after email you can be sure that the insiders have not sold enough stock yet.  If a tout feels the need to send you more than one email, never mind several emails per day, then he is desperately trying to convince you to buy the stock.  If there are several touts who have suddenly come up with the same “idea” then you know that the insiders are pulling out all the stops.  The more touts  they hire, the more money they’ve spent meaning they have that much more stock to sell you.

If the company is a reporting company, take a look at the SEC filings.  Is a quarterly (10-Q) or annual (10-K) report about due, or worse overdue?  If the promotions are beating SEC filings to the punch, chances are they are trying to get you to buy the stock before the bad news is about to be revealed.  Bad news may include a significant increase in the number of shares outstanding or liabilities and/or a significant decrease in cash or other assets.

Look for the caveats in press releases and SEC filings, which will may lead to an easy out of the announcement.  For example, financing of up to x dollars.  Anoption to acquire…  Will buy back up to x dollars of stock from time to time at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  Our favorite term is “best efforts”.  If the announcement contains an easy out, chances are it will be exercised.

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Blue’s Comments / JP

I will continue to share this info to all that want to read it..I can’t say enough on how important it is to arm yourself with knowledge before trading in any market with the Stock Market playing field..It is my hopes to help you to be a better Investor armed with good Information to help you to level out that playing field the best you can..thanks and good luck with you Investments..jp

16 Ways To Recognize A Pump & Dump Scheme


Roundtable: 1 Stock to Buy in July

As we do each month, we asked a handful of our top analysts across sectors for one stock that looks especially compelling right now. Here are the companies they singled out. stock-market Bronze Bull This is an awesome Report I put together here and Luv most and  or all of these stocks within it..jp

Sean Williams:

Investors who’ve learned to live with the natural ebb and flow of the tech sector should definitely keep their eyes on JDS Uniphase  (NASDAQ: JDSU  ) . With AT&T committing $14 billion over a three-year period to expand its wireless 4G LTE infrastructure, and Sprint-Nextel and T-Mobile gearing up to deploy billions to set up their own 4G LTE networks, the demand for data transmission and fiber optics is nearing another big surge.  It usually takes a few quarters before we see fiber-optic and fiber-optic equipment suppliers benefit from this trickle-down effect; however, the signs that JDS could be ready to shock Wall Street are there. Finisar, Ciena, and Alliance Fiber Optic all recently blew away Wall Street’s growth and/or guidance estimates, clearing the path for the largest name in fiber, JDS, to clean up when it reports its fourth-quarter results in August. I have a suspicion this will be a quarter where JDS really turns some heads, and it could be the beginning of a sizable multiyear burst in growth for the entire networking sector.

Jay Jenkins: 

This month, I’m highlighting Spirit Airlines  (NASDAQ: SAVE  ) , the leader in bargain-basement air travel. Spirit has more or less doubled thus far in 2013, and I believe the company still has room to run. Why? Because Spirit’s focus is on cheap travel, and it’s cheap travel that consumers want. Sure, in the 1960s, air travel was all about the experience: in-flight meals, white-glove service, luxury and extravagance at 40,000 feet. Today? People want to get from point A to point B as cheaply as safely possible. The Concorde could fly at Mach 2 (1,300 miles per hour!!), but the plane was retired 10 years ago because consumers were not willing to pay the extra money to fly that fast. Spirit is winning market share today because consumers want the low-cost solution — not speed and not the creature comforts. And, as I head to the beach later this July, it doesn’t hurt that Spirit’s primary market is Florida, the Caribbean, and Central/South America. This summer, consider Spirit for your investment and budget air travel needs.  

Russ Krull:

 I’ve bought and expect to buy more Intel (NASDAQ: INTC  ) this month. I’m a dividend growth guy, and Intel is one of the best values in that arena. Intel doesn’t have the half-century string of annual dividend hikes of, say, Coca-Cola, but it does have a dividend yield that tops the S&P 500 average, a rock-solid balance sheet, plenty of cash flow to cover the dividend and a reasonable payout ratio — key ingredients in a dividend growth recipe. The weak spot is slumping personal computer sales combined with being slow to get into the mobile device market. PC sales numbers aren’t likely to recover, but Intel has started to crack the mobile device market. Combine that with all those mobile devices and cloud storage driving demand for servers, and I think Intel is a solid, steady grower. Earnings per share should also improve even if earnings stay flat, because Intel made a smart balance sheet move last fall: It sold $6 billion in bonds at rock-bottom rates to fund a stock buyback. Because the bond coupon rate was lower than the dividend yield, the deal improves Intel’s cash flow and, based on the latest quarterly report, the company is actually reducing its share count.  

Brian Stoffel: 

Perhaps no industry has received as much hype over the past two years as 3-D printing. Proponents will tell you that the technology has the ability to fundamentally shift the way we go about making the products we use. Bears will argue that the rise in stock prices for 3-D printers is inflated and simply can’t be supported by the fundamentals.  So why am I buying shares of industry Stalwart Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS  ? I have two reasons.  First, I like the job the company has done at focusing on fewer, larger, more strategic mergers than rival 3D Systems. Last year’s merger with Objet helped Stratasys gain exposure to industrial clients it otherwise would have had to fight tooth and nail for. And the company’s recently announced plan to merge with Makerbot shows that it’s serious about selling 3-D printers to consumers as well — a realm 3D Systems has led for some time now.  The second reason I’m willing to buy in, even as the stock trades for almost 60 times earnings, is because it’s still small. If 3-D printing fulfills even half of its potential over the next decade, I can’t imagine Stratasys being worth less than $20 billion. At today’s market cap of $3.5 billion, that’s a five-bagger in 10 years. Of course, there’s no way to guarantee such results, but I’m putting my own money behind it.

Wall St plaqeon wall

Matt DiLallo: 

One of my biggest frustrations as an investor is to see a company I own come under attack by a group of vicious short-sellers. These public attacks are designed to shine a spotlight on a perceived weakness in order to knock the stock down so they can profit. Enduring these bear raids can be brutal, which is about how I’d describe the year for investors in LINN Energy (NASDAQ: LINE  ) . More often than not, these attacks distort the real story. In this case, those negative on the company are ignoring the fact that LINN has real oil and gas assets holding real value. Instead, they’d like you to believe the company is simply a mirage being covered up by accounting tricks.  The real story is that LINN, whose business model is built on buying mature oil and natural gas fields, has proved reserves of over 5 trillion cubic feet equivalent. Furthermore, the company is estimated to have another 14 trillion cubic feet equivalent of unproved reserves. Put more simply, LINN’s net asset value can be pegged anywhere between $37 a unit to as high as $65 a unit. Meanwhile, short-sellers have knocked its units down to the low $20s. That spells an opportunity for investors who don’t mind waiting for the attack to finally blow over.  I’m not saying the road ahead will be easy, especially in light of the fact that the SEC is now looking into the matter. However, the opportunity to earn outsize returns makes LINN a very compelling opportunity this month. In fact, I personally plan to take advantage of it as soon as the Fool’s trading rules allow. 

Rick Munarriz: 

We live in fragile times when it comes to identity theft security, and that’s why I’m going with LifeLock (NYSE: LOCK  )  this month. LifeLock is the top dog when it comes to proactive identity theft protection, monitoring subscriber identities for any breaches that may result in credit-damaging and emotion-draining identity theft occurrences. We’re not getting any less paranoid, and with millions of cases of identity theft taking place every year in this country, it’s easy to see why LifeLock has become so popular. Revenue climbed 42% in its latest quarter, fueled by a 19% uptick in subscribers and a healthy increase in the average revenue per account. There are now 2.6 million LifeLock subscribers, and the ascent has been refreshingly consistent. LifeLock has experienced 32 straight quarters of sequential growth in revenue and subscriber count. We’re not talking about new folks getting duped here. Retention rates have climbed from 84% to 87% over the past year.  LifeLock is still flying under the radar since going public at $9 last year, even though it has blown Wall Street’s profit targets away in its first three quarters as a public company. It hopes to stretch that streak to four quarters when it reports again at the end of the month. LifeLock’s been able to keep its own identity secret from investors, but solid growth in a booming niche can only go undetected for so long.


Dan Caplinger:

  My stock pick for July isn’t technically a stock at all, although it trades like one. Central Fund of Canada  (NYSEMKT: CEF  ) is a closed-end fund that owns three things: about 1.7 million ounces of gold, 77 million ounces of silver, and roughly $39 million in cash. Closed-ends are a type of mutual fund that resemble exchange-traded funds in that they trade on stock exchanges rather than being offered through a mutual fund company. Unlike ETFs, though, closed-end funds have a fixed number of shares, making them subject to supply and-demand effects that can create temporary bargains from time to time.  As you’d expect, Central Fund has plunged lately because of the drop in gold and silver prices. But if you believe that precious metals are due for a bounce, Central Fund looks especially attractive because of its roughly 5% discount to its net asset value. In other words, when you take the value of Central Fund’s gold and silver holdings and divide it by the number of shares outstanding, the per-share intrinsic value is higher than the prevailing share price in the market. Obviously, gold and silver are a risky proposition at this point, but given that Central Fund’s shares usually trade at a premium to the value of the fund’s bullion holdings, a return to those conditions could produce profits for investors even if gold and silver stay at today’s depressed prices.

Tim Beyers: 

Rupert Murdoch has finally made good on plans to separate his newspaper and entertainment businesses. Any investor can now buy shares in 21st Century Fox (NASDAQ: FOX  ) . Here’s why you might want to.  First, Fox isn’t just about the studio or the news channel. Fox Sports, Fox Business, BSkyB, and the edgier programming available on the FX channel also make their home at 21st Century Fox. But what makes this stock most appealing is a slate of big-name movies with even bigger box office potential.   According to Box Office Mojo, Fox has released 11 films grossing a total of $539.1 million domestically, a 10% increase over last year at this time. Upcoming releases include this month’s superhero sequel, The Wolverine, and a new animated feature, Turbo. Meanwhile, according to a recent 8-K filing with the SEC, Fox’s earnings improved from $0.82 a share in 2010 to $1.20 a share in 2012. Current-year earnings appear to be on track for much more. Either way, Fox’s growth story appears to be far from over.  

Jim Gillies: 

Dressbarn would seem a retail concept that shouldn’t work; the comparison of wardrobe source and cow palace would seem something few women would appreciate. Yet the store’s parent company, Ascena Retail Group (NASDAQ: ASNA  ) , is the epitome of Foolish. Growth — both organic and through well-timed acquisitions — has been prudent over the years. The company throws off a ton of cash and trades at a reasonable valuation. And the founding family still runs the show and maintains significant ownership.  All this has given investors a 10-year average return of 18.5%, and I think there’s more to come. Ascena’s store concepts include the aforementioned “barn,” maurices (casual and career apparel for younger women), Justice (trendy wear for preteen and “tween” girls), and Lane Bryant and Catherines (“plus size” women’s apparel). These last two concepts, acquired as part of the largest acquisition in Ascena’s history, are arguably why the company is attractively priced today. Management demarcated fiscal 2013 as “investment year” to align these two concepts, invest for growth, and bring together their distribution and logistics networks.  This investment plan looks to be coming to its end. Integration savings should start being realized in fiscal 2014, and the company surprisingly paid off half the acquisition-related debt in the most recent quarter. Expect higher free cash flow, lower capital spending, and the sale of a non-core business in the coming year, and repayment of all remaining debt and deployment of these higher cash flows in the service of shareholders going forward. 

World Stock Markets Sources: Motley Fool, JP’s Round Table Research Team,  Bluewaters2u, 

Roundtable: 1 Stock to Buy in July

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I shared a Post here from a friend I thought was worth sharing and to open up some interesting discussions on it as well…Not promoting his book but nor am I discounting it either…but the post itself from Facebook is worth a good look at..jp

The Iraq Dinar, where’s the RV?

 This is a commentary using known Fiscal Metrics to evaluate if the Iraqi Dinar Currency could somehow instantly increase in valuation to between $1 – $3 + US and if so, would it be logically and fiscally sound if that were to occur.
The Iraqi Dinar has always been, a currency manipulated through a  “MANAGED FLOAT” not through a “FREE MARKET TRADED FLOAT” Traded on the FOREX. Pre Saddam, Saddam and Post Saddam…the Iraq Dinar has always been a PROGRAMMED RATE that is NOT reflected by the REAL WORLD WORTH or “VALUE” of FOREX Currency Traders that use the FREE MARKET to set the REAL WORTH of a currency based on REAL WORTH Metrics…so, the Iraqi Dinar is not now, nor, do I think ever will be based on REAL WORTH…because, if the IQD were ever to be pegged to a “FREE FLOAT” (Which I do not think it will be) but, using it as an example, then, FOREX Traders would value the IQD in real worth, somewhere between 1 cent to about 10 cents US, based on REAL WORLD VALUATIONS (See Below)…However, I do not think the IQD will be FREE FLOATED, based on HISTORY, that was just to give a Metric based on REAL WORLD VALUE. I see the CBI using a continued MANAGED FLOAT approach to slowly continue the Rate down to 1,000 Dinar per dollar for several months and then, over a Year, continuing to gradually and incrementally add value to the IQD, 100 Dinars every several months, until it is worth a penny in about 18 months or by January 2015, MANAGING or LOCKING it there for a Year or Two and then raising it to 5 cent to 10 cent in a couple years by 2017, and then, slowly and gradually taking it to par with the US Dollar by 2030.

Here are some Metrics to consider…

IRAQ                             vs                              USA

$110 BILLION                                                $16 TRILLION


So, the US Economy is 150 Times the size of Iraq and yet our US Dollar has never been worth $3 +

Iraq’s external debt was between $130 to $140 billion in 2003, much of which was settled and forgiven through the 2004 Paris Club agreement, which would have equated to a 1:1.25 Debt to Income Ratio for Iraq, meaning they originally owed $1.25 for every Dollar they generated in GDP…

The USA Debt to income Ration is a mere 1:1. meaning, for every $1 the US owes, the US generates $1 in GDP. Putting that further into perspective, using Blue Chip Publicly Traded S&P 500 Company Debt to Income Ratio.
•IBM— 2:1
•Dupont — 3:1
•United Technologies — 3:1
•Boeing — 4:1
•Caterpillar — 14:1
And get this…
•JP Morgan Chase has a whopping Debt to Income Ratio of 50:1
In other words, IBM borrows twice as much money as it earns annually. Boeing borrows four times more than it earns. And JP Morgan Chase, clearly not too big to borrow, borrows 50 times more than it earns — getting $50 from lenders for every $1 it makes.

Clearly, the USA is NOT in a Fiscal Crisis compared to the Best Blue Chip Companies in America.

Nor, is America or the US Dollar “Doomed” for Bankruptcy, considering our current Debt to Income Ratio is multiple times less then the best Blue Chip Companies in America and far less then the Debt to Income Ratio of the Average US Citizens personal Debt of around 3:1…most families grow through strategic debt, including assuming decades-long mortgages, car payments and student loans on par at around a Debt to Income Ratio of 3:1.

Borrowing today to fund the innovation of tomorrow stimulates our economy and generates revenue growth that pays back the debt. That’s why emerging economies such as Singapore — which is still riding high despite the worldwide economic downturn — carry a Debt to Income that looks more like DuPonts 3:1, borrowing money to keep its economy innovating and growing.

The US has the potential to increase our GDP 20 Times, or, 2000%, just by developing our proven Oil Field Reserves in the Bakkan Region of North Dakota, Montana and Colorado

Recoverable Oil
According to US Energy Information Administration the US has 10 Times the Proven Oil reserves than Iraq has:

Iraq                                                                  USA
300 BILLION                                       3 TRILLION BARRELS
$25 TRILLION                                            $250 TRILLION


So, the US has Ten Times as much Oil Wealth than Iraq, and yet, somehow, speculators in the IQD seem to “believe” that the IQD should be “on par” with the almighty US Dollar? Some IQD speculators even believe it will instantly one day RV’d to $3 +…this isn’t logical, nor practical, based on REAL WORLD Metrics.

Iraq                                                              USA
30 Million Citizens                                 300 Million Citizens

So, the US has Ten Times as many workers as Iraq, with Ten times the output and Ten Times as many Business Men and an Intellectual Property Incubators that out number Iraq ten fold, and yet, our Dollar has never been worth $3 +, based on this REAL WORLD metric, it isn’t logical the IQD could even be worth 10 cents US. Yet, there are those who base their IQD Speculative Investment logic on the Historical MANAGED PROGRAM RATE that never has reflected REAL WORLD WORTH or VALUATION that can be quantitatively measured against a STANDARD!

Iraq                                                                USA
50,000 Miles                                          4 Million Miles

RAIL Roads
Iraq                                                                 USA
1,200 Miles                                                233,000 Miles

Iraq                                                                  USA
2,000 Miles                                              2 . 5 MILLION

Electrical Power Generation
Iraq                                                                  USA
14 Gigawatts                                               1,000 Gigawatts TOTAL
60 Gigawatts WIND
6 Gigawatts Solar PV
100 Gigawatts Hydro Power
4 Gigawatts Geothermal
6 Gigawatts Nuclear

Sea Ports
Iraq                                                                  USA
6                                                                   360

Iraq                                                                  USA
30                                                                   300 +

In conclusion, based on the above and many other metrics, it is my opinion that the Iraqi Dinar is not now, nor, do I think, ever will be based on REAL WORTH…because, if the IQD were ever to be pegged to a “FREE FLOAT” (Which I do not think it will be) but, using it as an example, then, FOREX Traders would value the IQD in real worth, somewhere between 1 cent to about 10 cents US, based on REAL WORLD VALUATIONS (See Below)…However, I do not think the IQD will be FREE FLOATED, based on HISTORY, that was just to give a Metric based on REAL WORLD VALUE. I see the CBI using a continued MANAGED FLOAT approach to slowly continue the Rate down to 1,000 Dinar per dollar for several months and then, over an 18 month period, continuing to gradually and incrementally add value to the IQD, 100 Dinars every several months, until it is worth a penny in about 18 months or by January 2015, MANAGING or LOCKING it there for a Year or Two and then raising it to 5 cent to 10 cent in a couple years by 2017, and then, slowly and gradually taking it to par with the US Dollar by 2030.

Many IQD speculators are counting on and HOPING the IQD will soon RV or RI and they “Believe” it will do so in the $1 – $3 Range, however, this is not logical based on my premise as outlined above, nor is it economically viable for Iraq to do so, because it would end up costing the Iraqi Central Bank in the general ball park of between $3 Trillion to $9 Trillion to CASH OUT the IQD inside Iraq in the hands of the Iraqi population.


The total combined value when converted to USD of the top 38 countries that make up 89.6% of the world’s GDP and 65.1% of the world’s population can total $60 . 2 Trillion USD total world wide. How
can Iraq RV their 30 trillion dinar to equal 30 trillion US dollars, a 1 to 1 ratio?

The answer is of course that Iraq can not and WILL NOT do it. There are 30 Trillion Dinars Total (approximately) Even if their money supply was only 1/10th, at say, 3 Trillion Dinar, they still could not RV 1 IQD to 1 USD. They only have $60 Billion in USD or so in reserves and their GDP is $110 Billion. Even if those figures are off by 2x, it still doesn’t matter. Most countries in the world have an M2 as a percentage of GDP that is below 100% For a few its larger, but no county has an M2 that is remotely close to ~50,000% of GDP which would be the result of a 1:1 RV ( M2 is 72B USD and GDP is 110, so M2 is ~50% of GDP, x 1000 is 50,000%). These are all fundamental metrics to how an economy works.

There are much better Investments out there in the Expanding Global Economy that people can Capitalize on. Below, are two Links you can check out that detail these Investments.



Best Regards!

Ken Howard

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Iraq Commerce Meeting Discussed WTO Issues:

Members Agree Iraq Needs WTO Membership; But Laws Need Amended

Chamber of Commerce Forum to discuss

Symposium hosted by the Chamber of Commerce Forum to discuss possibility of joining Alaariq to the World Trade Organization.

Specialists emphasize the need for Iraq to join the World Trade Organization and businessmen: will not join even after fifty years if laws do not change

Confirmed the deal with matters relating trade in the province of Diwaniyah on Monday, “Iraq’s need” to join the World Trade Organization, while confirmed by the Ministry of Commerce said joining the organization “will move the Iraqi economy,” “ruled out” businessmen the possibility of it on the ground until “after fifty years, “and attributed the cause to” the absence of legislation “in a position to put Iraq into the international system, demanding the cancellation of” the Ministry of Commerce. “

The official said the information in the Department of the World Trade Organization, Ministry of Commerce Luna Fred Jacob said in an interview to (range Press), on the sidelines of Awareness Seminar held by the Chamber of Commerce of Diwaniya, “The steps to join the World Trade Organization, to take a way a careful and thoughtful, started sending the initial file display goods to the organization, “and showed that” We are working to engage in a third round of bargaining after receiving several observations about the previous two rounds and the supply of goods to reach the possibility of residence. “

She said Jacob that “the Department of the World Trade Organization in the Department of Foreign Economic Relations Ministry of Commerce of Iraq, is expected through these steps not to Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization soon,” afterthought “but seeks to complete the steps in a measured way,” and stressed that “accession will help Iraq largely through appropriate legislation and laws in line with international laws and legislations. “

For his part, the head of the Chamber of Commerce of Diwaniyah Mahmoud Laithi in an interview to (range Press), said that “several seminars and workshops held by the Ministry of Commerce in cooperation with the chambers of commerce in the provinces, seeking to discuss the possibility of Iraq’s entry into the WTO, for the advancement of the national economy.”

He added that “the Iraqi legislature from which to develop appropriate laws that are consistent with international legislation,” and explained that “Iraq’s accession will help in improving the economic level and increase employment and the possibility of competition Iraqi industries to global products.”

As head of the Federation of Iraqi businessmen in Diwaniyah, (180 km) south of Baghdad, cream phone in an interview to (range Press) that “Iraq will reap significant benefits in the event of joining the World Trade Organization for global,” and added, “But I’m sure that this will not happen before fifty years. “

He pointed out that “Iraq is stalled in legislation and implementation, the organization represents one of the largest portals in the economic world, we are not open to ourselves, we do not have any intellectual base or the economic system or a bank or industrial success.”

Abizaid as saying that “Iraq did not keep his place economic but Pat decline quickly,” pointing out that “This makes joining impossible, and we need to think reducing the administrative structure late.”

Phone stressed “the need to get rid of the first Department of Commerce,” noting that it “the biggest obstacles in the face of the Iraqi trade, having tended to impose a buy trade from the central market known بعراقة the corruption and incursion.”

He pointed out that “This is one of the faces of the war on the private sector,” he said, adding that “We today rings connected state of lying and we can not keep up with the world and join in commercial organizations in the light of this matter.”

In turn, the aide said chief investment Diwaniyah Hassan al-Yasiri in an interview to (range Press), “The accession to the WTO has become is a must for opening up to global markets,” adding, “but that this is facing several challenges, including the invasion of foreign goods imitations , in addition to widespread unemployment, as well as the destruction of the local product not protect. “

He Yasiri that “the State has work to protect the products of local industries and the legislation of laws deterrent that ensures protection, operating and developing talent at all levels,” adding that “Iraq does not have a choice but to catch up with the economically developed countries, and to benefit from their experiences in the development of its economy.”

The World Trade Organization announced its inception in 1995, and is one of the youngest international organizations, where the WTO is the successor to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which was established in the wake of World War II.
And despite the fact that the WTO is still the modern multilateral trading system, which was originally set up under GATT has reached the fifty-year-old, and celebrated the golden jubilee of the system in Geneva on May 19, 1998 in the presence of many heads of state and government leaders.

The past twenty years have seen a phenomenal growth in world trade, as goods exports rose an average of 6% annually and helped GATT and the World Trade Organization (WTO) to establish a system strong and prosperous business, which contributed to the unprecedented growth.

The activists were civilians in the province of Salah al-Din, (position of Tikrit, 170 km north of Baghdad), in (28 March 2013), expressed concern as a result of lack of knowledge of aspects of spending public money in general and that provision is included in the petro-dollars in particular, and criticized the reliance “almost complete “Oil and export instead of investment and the development of other economic sectors.

The Association for the Development and the development of industry and trade in Iraq criticized, on March 19, 2013, no state support for industry and trade sector and open the doors of import wide, causing damage to the product nationally and lost his ability to compete, while believing that the scarcity of electricity, fuel, and not keep up with the Angels national global developments and the lack of laws appropriate most important factors retreat Iraq industrially and economically, confirmed its quest detection areas ready for industrial investment and help stimulate foreign and Arab companies to invest jointly with Iraqi investors, creating industrial and commercial sources is oil.

It is noteworthy that Iraq has witnessed a year after 2003, a state of openness without restrictions on the world which led to flooding the domestic market with goods from around the world unsanctioned, as well as a decline in domestic production and public sectors as a result of the security chaos and the scarcity of snap and fuel, failed efforts government agencies concerned, so far, including standardization and quality control and the ministries of environment and health in the face of a flood of shoddy goods, despite the efforts made in this regard.

Sources: Currency Newshound, Almada Press


Blue’s comments:  This is not smoke and mirrors as some Guru’s and Pumpers claim…This is factual and these Laws are needed for a reason and have to be in place  for the protection of both parties involved (Country’s and or Merchants alike).

Some say it’s not necessary for Iraq to be a full member of the WTO to have a significant ReValue of their currency..I myself think it needs to be..Only because without a strong trade agreement in place will hurt a ReValue of any value that takes place by not being able to trade on the open World markets that is vital to a Country in keeping their currency below the inflation value and trade off sets that is needed to maintain that value…Do you think they can do that even at the value now?..umm… just a thought..jp/Bluewaters2u.

Iraq Commerce Meeting Discussed WTO Issues:

The new Iraqi Union


Committed the security agreement partners the political process signatories to the implementation of the final phase of occupation program, a federal application stage.

The fact that the position of the occupation was not clear in any case such as the visibility of the issue of federalism he declares at night and during the day he wants to sees a federally Iraq, and the leaders of the fundamental process required all know them completely, and they are the keepers of strictly implemented. In order rushes Iraq to the final phase of the planned decree also wants the U.S. occupation has كلت Obama administration Iraq dossier to Biden Republican Almtzin that has already been presented to Bush and Congress project to divide Iraq, and here he is today oversees the implementation itself has started its activities in practice heats the political situation in preparation for the division was distribution of roles on the partners of the political process as follows:

First: the Government Center (Maliki) repeating provoke Sunni provinces to create a public opinion accepts the invitation to the regions and federalism, testifies to the intrigue Nukhaib and mobilization of sectarian owner, and campaigns ablation in Salahaddin University and arrests Baathists real and alleged advocacy spiteful against Hashemi and output exciting for his arrest at the airport and try to arrested by ended بهروبه to Kurdistan, and the expulsion of al-Mutlaq and treason Issawi and waving files of terrorism with left and right. Within the context of advanced policy-Maliki comes unabashed arrest of thousands of innocent people and fabrication of charges unjustly and falsely as a prelude to their execution. It blows more and more Viatql the women, and blow more and more Vigtsb the women all in order to make the reaction path towards regionalization decree, الفدرلة and division.

Then it was necessary to raise sectarian shipping more and more cross-provoking protesters and shed their blood in front of screens in all media Yards sit latest massacre Hawija. It is clear in all of the above that Golan may أرخى to the cord of the owners and their leaders and gave them the green light to commit these massacres, has not missed perjurer international (United Nations), as is usual in disguise this heinous crime.

Second: the Sunni provinces and reaction inspired by the Americans to the leaders of the year, the announcement regions and cling so right unconstitutional to pay injustice and stop the mop and marginalization, with titillate people demanding set of unemployed graduates and shares is greater than the financial allocations, and everything fit of logos to create and confirm public opinion to accept federalism and division. True to it has announced Salahuddin province itself Diyala provinces and announced itself Anbar provinces, on the road and it was the Council of preservation has threatened the center and أمهلها government two weeks and only فسيعلن the region!.

Third: Under the guidance Biden that the Maliki government center temporarily Baltmana and lack of response to suit the provinces, and he and his party continues in arrogance and provocation enough for continuing sectarian shipping and promote advocacy towards separation so as to reach the point of no return.

Fourth: It is also necessary to provoke the Kurds to raise the temperature and speed up the movement of centrifuge, and in this context came Maliki’s party accused of Talabani of harboring terrorists wanted for justice Abu Tabr.

Fifth: After the tug and frenzy Israeli ambassador to intervene and perhaps Biden personally to force Maliki to appeal to the Constitution and allow the transformation of the Sunni provinces successively into regions and after the issuance of the decisions of the Federal Court in this regard. Output may require a federal constitutional referendums forged in the provinces and the result will come out that federalism is the desire of the majority of the Sunni masses.

Sixth: the enhanced authority of the central government on the rest of the provinces to be a one territory governed by the Dawa Party, will be issued a fatwa from Sistani and perhaps Khamenei deprive the Shiite sect claim and federal regions.

Seventh: will the new reality of the conflict on the border and repainting among the provinces and territories, to achieve the ambitions of the government Safavid in biting Dujail, country and Syed Mohammed Salahuddin province and biting Nukhaib of Anbar province; also allows the new reality of partisan Talabani and Barzani biting Kirkuk and the eastern side of Mosul, and all This ruled Biden plan and approved by the client parties that brought the occupation and promoted him.

Eighth: The government will continue to seek to inflict Safavid central Samarra, consequently, the state after disagreements be اختلاقها between Samarra and Salahaddin province, and will be administratively justification this time not because the majority of the population sectarian Samarra are Sunni.

Ninth: Biden permission of Diyala will not be allowed to declare secession in spite of the Constitution because it is the geographic component of the components of Iraq Persians and crossing it to Samarra, have noted how the Safavid militias captured and expelled their portfolios because the thought of it.

Tenth: It consists map Biden for the new Iraq of three regions (the Kurdish region inclusive halves of Mosul and Kirkuk and Khanaqin and its capital, Erbil, and the region Safavid and inclusive of Diyala, Samarra and its capital, Baghdad, and the region’s Sunni abundance of Iraq confined in the western corner after ترشق and coming in the invitations divisive such as glass plate if crash will turn into crystals and no one can draw the borders of each piece in it. and we will enter in the war zones and lanes disputed within the same province with the provincial Sunni and Shiite alike.

Eleventh: This map Herald and current and seen them on satellite TV, but politicians Year ignore the claim of urgency and enthusiasm to the establishment of regions, what the Council called for Salahuddin province to declare the province a territory so quickly Sunni leaders in the Iraqi List to confirm the constitutionality of this requirement, and even started to pay councils in the provinces of Diyala and Anbar to declare regions and a national referendum, and we have seen how Vdaúyatem was simmering people and step up efforts in this direction.

Twelfth: We want to ask Sunni leaders advocate of regionalization, how you can that Thmoua people in the Sunni provinces of targeting and marginalization if this is you’re doing and you are in the Green Zone? Why do not you think of another alternative whitening your face if you are truthful or that malicious spirit Biden has Talpcetkm what we became hear from you is Sultanate of the Constitution and federal clang.

XIII: Then what about the year of Baghdad, which are impossible to be divided on a sectarian basis? Do تضحون ​​Baghdad, its people and Tnfdon your hands نصرتنا and you are defenders of the year? Then protects the good Shia Arabs from the domination of the Safavid Iranians? Are not you call the National and pretend Astafavkm with Iraqis in all provinces and all sects?.

Fourteenth: The conclusion that the advocates of regionalization if they so much naive and did not understand this game and its disastrous consequences on Iraq in general and on the year especially Those calamity, and if they understood and they wanted to Eetmmoa occupier purposes Valmuseibh of the greatest.


Sources:         Bluewaters2u research team, Currency Newshound and 


Joe Biden’s plan for dividing Iraq into 3 Territory’s.

Dr SinanAl-Shabibi

Shabibi ousted from CBI, IQD drops; Dinar at lowest level in two years!

Observers: dip, Shabibi dinar missed and we fear the continued decline

THURSDAY, 16 MAY 2013 17: 07

Twilight news/Iraqi dinar is currently experiencing a decline in its value against the US dollar since the Government sacked the former head of the Central Bank, Sinan Al-Shabibi is raising concern among money and economy in particular.

And the value of the Iraqi dinar fell gradually during the past few weeks, bringing the price of the dollar to about 1,300 dinars after was stable from 1120, the highest rate of exchange-rate mechanism for the last two years.

And observers believe that the decline rate of the Iraqi dinar has since Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki decided suddenly to exempt former Central Bank Governor Sinan Al-Shabibi, head of the Office of financial supervision Abdel Basset Turki.

They also believed according to radio free Iraq obtained by “twilight news this procedure and accusations with former Central Bank Administration left its impact on the Bank’s reputation and the reputation of Iraq in world markets.

He expressed this view financial expert Majid mock who explained also other internal and external factors that may have contributed to the degradation of the value of the Iraqi dinar, including the regional situation, especially in Syria and Iran and then the consumer orientation of the Iraqi Government and instability in Iraq, prompting funds to flee abroad.

Mock noted that the Central Bank sold large amounts of US dollar vary by between 50 and 100 million dollars a day.

The mock said that solutions emerge from the crisis requires joint effort at all levels in addition to the other solution is to float the currency but the main solution in his view is to revive the neglected by many development because it does not come with such a direct profit trading and import. The import volume reached 64 billion dollars in 2011 while the former does not exceed $ 9 billion.

And Economist Salim Al-jibouri tried to explain the effects of the deterioration of the value of the Iraqi dinar to the simple citizen and on the internal market and the most important effects appear in the prices of goods available in the Iraqi market and imported goods depends on the dollar if the dollar rises with increased prices of all goods and commodities.

However, Al-jubouri said the two central bank balance and currently exceeds $ 70 billion, is what makes the Government unable to intervene and support the value of the Iraqi currency.

He is a member of the Finance Committee in the House of representatives Secretary Hadi Abbas that the deterioration of the local currency occurs in all countries and in every place.

And the lack of any kind of threat to the large reserves at the Central Bank and is able to cover all the defects, according to a Deputy who accused some banking authorities of being behind the dollar trading inventory for special purposes.

Sources: Currency Newshound (  http://bit.ly/18NZv0k  ) and Bluewaters2u Research Team and http://www.shafaaq.com/en/

Shabibi ousted from CBI, IQD drops; Dinar at lowest level in two years!

worlds-connecting-cablesto_480  x 270

What is Page Rank and Is It Something I Need to Worry About?This is a question recently posed by a client who was concerned about a PR2. We thought that our response might be useful to other Web Design Solutions Umlimited Member Clients & our Facebook Friends as well, so here it is…Jp

PageRank was originated by Google co-founder Larry Page (hence the name) and is based on the theory that the value of a given website can be determined by the number of pages that link to it. The assumption being that if people are linking to it, it must be of value. The more links to the site, the higher the PageRank.

Google’s original search algorithm relied heavily upon PageRank and it is the catalyst for the popular search optimization tactic known as back-linking.

SEO Earth Google Bing YahooSearch optimization providers have been exploiting Google’s reliance on PageRank for years. Some of the more, shall we say ‘creative’ providers began creating back-links through shadow sites and link farms in an aggressive effort to increase the number of links to a given site. Again, the assumption being, the more links, the higher the PageRank.

Over time Google has adjusted and improved its algorithm in an effort to penalize these less than ethical practices (Penguin Update) and the definition of PageRank has been significantly refined. It is no longer sufficient to simply have a link to your site; the link must be relevant, authoritative, and genuine.

In addition, Google has become much better at evaluating site structure, quality of content, load times, visitor behaviors, even grammar and these additional metrics have allowed the search giant to lessen its reliance on PageRank.

In short, the value of PageRank is nowhere near what it used to be and has taken a back seat to site quality, social signals (i.e. reviews, shares, etc.), and most notably, quality of content and user experience.

I suspect that in the not so distant future we will begin hearing more about ‘authority’ as opposed to PageRank, with ‘authority’ being defined in a similar way, but with more emphasis on topical relevance and links and shares within a topical sphere (if that makes any sense).

The long and short of it, creating quality content, providing superior service (hence encouraging positive reviews), and engaging in industry-related forums, discussion boards, etc. will grow your back-link profile naturally and improve your PageRank over time. This is what Google wants to see and it is what you want as well; to be recognized as an authority in your field, simply because you are an authority in your field.

Don’t worry about PageRank per se; worry about providing superior service, useful and relevant information, and a quality user experience and PageRank will follow.

The only additional advice I can offer is: do not build links for the sake of building links, do not exchange links for the sake of building links, and never, ever buy links for the sake of building links. The ones that are of real value are those that come naturally (i.e. people linking to your site because they find value there).

SEO Bullseye
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What is Google Page Rank and Is It Something I Need to Worry About?
Source: Manta friends and Blue’s research Team..
What is Google Page Rank and Is It Something I Need to Worry About?

Meter engagement usan-customer-engagement

Global Networking…Take the time to understand your Clients.

If one is to join the Global network of many customers that are there for you. Then one must learn the native ways of their customers to be effective in those Markets…jp – CEO/Owner of Web Design Solutions Unlimited…jp – CEO Web Design Solutions Unlimited



Just a Thought…
” Knowledge is empowering and provokes ones thought process to post an opinion on the subject at hand. Empower yourself to research and feed your wisdom towards an educated opinion that gives merit to thought…..And always be true to yourself 1st “…
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Blue’s Comments:  When Branding ones self make sure to cover all the Social Media worth while sites and most importantly “provide great content” worth the readers time…jp/Blue

Awesome Sail Boat.

Just a Thought…by Bluewaters2u.

BAGHDAD / Press-term

08/05/2013 (23:01 pm)

Confirmed by the U.S. Agency for International Development (US AID) provided nearly nine billion dollars in support of Iraq since 2003, and will continue for a few more years, despite shrinking budgets, and showed that more corruption in Iraqi ministries is through the procurement system used.

USD 100 dollar Bills

The director of the agency Thomas tulle in a meeting with a number of media, including the long-Presse: The size of the subsidies granted to Iraq since 2003 to now nearly nine billion dollars, including 200 million for 2013, the current, indicating that this support is reduced compared to previous years but our work continues for a few years to come. He added tulle: to support the Agency focuses on the areas of infrastructure, education, health, agriculture, financial sector reform democratic governance and support of the elections, pointing out that the organizations that supported the agency provided aid to the 1715 case of the most vulnerable groups in society, especially women, as well as the submission billion dollars in small loans to about 400 thousand people helped to secure 400 thousand jobs.

The director of the U.S. Agency for International Development, the agency has in collaboration with UNICEF vaccinate 98 percent of the children of Iraq, noting that the agency has provided support to the agricultural sector local and that sector fish farming has doubled its production of five thousand tons to 80 thousand tons to reach sales of fish farmers to 142 million dollars now. Toole confirmed the presence of auditors and Iraqi oversight committees to monitor the functioning of the organizations that support by the agency, and continued: in the event of detecting corruption process calls for the organization returns the funds given to the organization concerned or refer the matter to the local authorities or the Iraqi judiciary.

Saw director of the U.S. Agency for International Development, that the most important problem of corruption in Iraqi ministries concerning the procurement system followed them, revealing that there is coordination with the Office of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and the Advisory Board at the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, to address the issue of the procurement system in the Iraqi ministries. He tulle: that the Agency carried out a training cadres of 13 Iraqi Ministry of encouraging them to apply new purchases on the systems according to international standards. And the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is an agency of the United States federal government, which is primarily responsible for the management of external assistance to civilians.

The foundations of former President John F. Kennedy, the agency in 1961 administrative order to implement development assistance programs under the Foreign Assistance Act, and the work of Congress to update the mandate through a number of annual financial dependence laws and other legislation. In spite of the fact that the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), one of the agencies of the U.S. government technically independent, but they are subject to foreign policy directives of the President of the United States of America and the United States Secretary of State and the National Security Council.

The director of the agency operates within the foreign policy directives and powers of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, is seeking the U.S. Agency for International Development to help people to improve their living conditions and recover from disasters, or those people who are struggling to live in a free and democratic nations. Agency’s objectives include the provision of economic assistance and humanitarian and development around the world to support the implementation of the foreign policies of the United States. The agency works in Africa, Asia and the Near East, Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe.

Sources: BAGHDAD / Press-term and Currency Newshound


Blue’s Comments: This has been the 2nd Biggest Issue next  to the Counterfeiting with the USD & the IQD from Iran in Iraq over the last 10 years..Until they can contain these corruption’s in the procurement of the Iraqi ministries to Iraq’s Sectors of lining their and family pockets with not only foreign Aid from the United States and other United Nations Country’s that contribute to Iraq’s Foreign Aid they will never become a full and respected Nation with the Global Foreign  Banking  Investments and Trade Industry…They are starving their People and denying their Citizens the rights they deserve..Blue/Jp

US AID discovers corruption in the procurement of Iraqi ministries.

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