“Warning! Penny stocks can be hazardous to your health!”
From Jp/ Bluewaters2u:
Sharing a site  I wish everyone could see playing Penny stocks…I posted on this subject many times and wanted to share This site with my friends and all..save it to you favorites stock players…jp
PumpsAndDumps.com is a public service dedicated to ending penny stock schemes which hurt the innocent, especially seniors and students and others who are easy prey to get rich quick schemes. These dupes are victimized by those who perpetrate penny stock fraud and the promoters who provide aid and comfort to them.

Contrary to some belief, we do not short stocks for three reasons. 1) Shorting penny stocks is just as poor an investment decision as owning penny stocks; 2) Most penny stocks are impossible to short in significant quantities by anybody but a market maker; and, 3) We wish to remain unbiased and unencumbered.

Neither do we get paid by anybody to publish the information or conduct the research we do. We base our subject matter on a number of factors; including, but not limited to, the pressure of the Pump & Dump scheme, its success at creating victims; and, the blatancy of the false information disseminated by the perpetrators

Once a stock has been listed as a subject of a Pump & Dump scheme, it is impossible to have it removed from the historical list of promotions that we call the “Hall of Fame”.  Companies cannot buy their way off the list at any price.

In order to remain as transparent about our motives as possible, we forward every advisory and alert to members of enforcement at the United States Securities Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), by email, to addresses made available to us by these regulators.

While we answer all emails submitted through our Contact Us button on our website, we remain anonymous and we do not publish demographic information for several reasons. First and foremost is our physical safety. There are many schemers out there who will do whatever is required to remain free to cheat the public. Secondly, we do not wish to be hassled by those displeased with our information or those pleading with us to investigate particular schemes.

PumpsAndDumps.com is owned by a corporation registered in the Country of Nevis.


Everyday we get asked why we maintain this money losing website and who it is we are trying to protect. Some of the diehard penny players and the scam perpetrators even laugh at us when a Pump and Dump goes up in spite of our warnings and that we point out the shortcomings of the company that is the target of the pyramid/Ponzi scheme. Incidentally, penny stock promotions are almost always pyramid and orPonzi schemes.

Let’s make one thing clear: We are not here to stop Pump and Dump schemes. Only the SEC and other ball-less agencies of the Federal government can do that.

Also, in spite of the lies and accusations created by the same people who perpetrate these schemes, in an attempt to discredit us, we are not secret pumpers and we are not shorters. Very few penny stocks can be shorted, by anybody that is not a market maker. Those pennies that can be shorted usually have very small quantities available. Anybody who tells you different is a liar, looking to get your money. Interactive Brokers is the most proficient broker out there at shorting penny stocks. In order to see if a certain penny can be shorted, go to their availability list by clicking here.

The truth of the matter is that there are many professional penny players who play most pumped stocks on the hopes that they are going to benefit on the misfortune of those less skilled in the game. And of course, the con artists who run these schemes make money every time. However, in order for someone to make money on a penny stock, be it player or insider, an equal amount of money is lost by the innocent and ignorant dupes out there. It is those people that are the targets of the schemers and that we are trying to warn.

This is not like the major market, because stocks in those markets at least have a hope of sustaining share price increases and see further rises. Legitimate penny stocks are few and far between.

Those who are taken for a ride in the penny market are generally those who need the money most. Seniors and students. They look to the penny market as their way of getting out of a financial jam in a hurry. Eventually most learn their lesson, usually after they find themselves in deeper holes.

We look at penny stocks like smoking and we are the Surgeon General, putting out the warning on every pack of stocks. The truth is that every day, people leave the penny markets. We know, because we get hundreds of emails every month, thanking us for our free service, wishing they had heard about it sooner, and swearing off these stocks. Because there are so many leaving the market every day, in order for these cons to work, the market needs a certain number of new penny players to enter every single day. This is akin to the cigarette industry needing a certain number of new smokers every day to replace the ones that quit or die, The penny industry does everything it can to induce new recruits, from sending out emails (often spam), to issuing hard mailer promotions with outlandish predictions, to advertising in newspapers, to paying shills to talk about their stocks on message boards and chat rooms, to advertising on unrelated websites. We simply apply the label, “Warning! Penny stocks can be hazardous to your health!”

Of course much like cigarettes, there are those who consider themselves smarter than everybody else and just won’t listen. At least not until they get sick and die. That’s ok with us.

To those who write to us and tell us we “saved” them, You’re Welcome

67% of buyers in $MULI were losers on Wednesday. Details in The Nightly #pennystocks http://bit.ly/VBHZ8P
“Warning! Penny stocks can be hazardous to your health!”