DINAR FOR DUMMIES…..the history of the Dinar ….great for those with little knowledge of how and why.
The modern current Iraqi DINAR is the currency of Iraq that was adopted and began printing in 2003 after the fall of the Saddam Hussein dictatorship. The US gov under G.Bush 41 planned and directed the dinar project with the help of the US military invasion. Military oversight began with the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent overthrow of Saddam.The Central Bank of Iraq was established to formulate new economic policy and service the monetary system of Iraq’s new regime. With the US intervention came the influx of the USDollar into Iraqi economy. Iraq has been a dual currency society since the US invasion…with the dollar being their primary currency in the market place. The plan was to create dependency as we created and set the value of the new dinar, and at such a low exchange rate that it would not be tradable and difficult to be of any practical use in the market place.All world currencies have an established value which is stated in relation to the USDollar (the world standard). All currency values are based upon a given country’s GNP/GDP (resources and production which is marketable to other countries) and the currency value which is mathematically regulated by the IMF (International Monetary Fund).Iraq natural resources are evaluated (according to studies) to be the richest land/ country on the planet. The US invaded Iraq in order to gain a foothold in their valuable OIL resources. The value of the dinar in the 1970s was 1 dinar = $3.22 usd. When we (G.Bush Sr.) invaded Iraq, and Saddam was overthrown, we devalued the old Saddam dinar currency to a ridiculous level in order to discourage its usage and create dependency. At that time the value of the dinar was taken down to an all time low of 3000 dinar = $1 USD. It was then that the US directed the creation of a new currency (a new dinar) with a world wide master plan that would eventually see trillion$ into the pockets of the US Gov and elite individuals. …Slowly the value has risen today to the current exchange rate of 1170 dinar/QD =$1 USD. Today 1 million dinar (IQD) is worth approximately $860 USD. One will pay more through dealers who charge a fee for their handling and services.

Because of Iraqi atrocities done to Kuwait under Saddam, the UN (United Nations) placed embargos and sanctions against Iraq during the rebuilding efforts which were lead by and under the direction of US gov. Iraq was no longer a sovereign nation. Our efforts in Iraq and the UN intension was to one day see Iraq free, independent, and a sovereign nation that would be able to function in the free world as a major international contributor of natural resources (oil, natural gas, minerals). Iraq is a valuable resource provider that we need…and Iraq needs us.For US aid and efforts to establish a new democracy in Iraq, the US was granted 4 trillion dinar (IQD) of the 30T newly printed currency. The US currently holds nearly 4T dinar for what we know will one day be our pay off when Iraq establishes their government, and once again gains their independence and sovereignty. The culmination of Iraq’s new status in the world will be evidenced by their ability to re-enter the international economic world, and this will necessitate a revaluation (RV) of their new currency (the dinar/IQD). At this time Iraq will be fully able to function as a sovereign nation with one currency (no more USDs) that has established value that reflects their indisputable worth.UN sanctions have deprived Iraq of oil profits which have been held in a fund (DFI) by the US and the UN until such time that Iraq once again establishes themselves by:…..1. fully functioning integrated banking system, ….2. fully seated government, …..and 3. reparations paid under UN sanctions.
At this time the UN, IMF, USA will release Iraq to update/ revalue/ raise the value of their dinar and begin their ascendency into the world banking, trade, and economic systems.This plan to rebuild and revalue (RV) has taken longer than many expected. Many thought this was designed and intended to take place during the G.Bush Jr. administration…it did not. Iraq was simply ….not ready! The revaluation/RV will bring trillions of dollars into the USTreasury coffers…possibly enough to pay the US DEBT? (although we will not do this) ….Because of problems and the delays in recent years….the information of the RV (Iraq revaluing) leaked to the public and individuals found avenues to begin to purchase dinars in hope of the one day …RV. Word has since spread to thousands who have invested dollars to buy dinar with the idea that we will soon exchange the revalued dinar for dollars ….which will be at an established exchange rate near the previous value before the US invaded Iraq and devalued the dinar. Great News!

According to the consensus of intelligent analysis of news and events….on 30 June 2011, Iraq received the release of the $250m DFI fund. They immediately began to pay debts and reparations to other countries in an effort to satisfy and remove UN sanctions in order be declared a fully functioning sovereign nation.

NOW is the time…. We are the generation that will see the greatest wealth transfer in the history of the world.

Source: A friend emailed this to me as seen on a Dinar Forum..
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Must say this is very much to the point and fairly well written..i Agree with most of his accounting of what has taken place in Iraq too..Hats of to the Author of this Article…Blue