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Tuesday: Dinar Call & News  s  Wednesday: Consumer Night  s  Thursday: Open Forum [Q&A]

9:00 PM – 12:00 AM Eastern

Conference Call-in Numbers

Tuesday & Thursday Evenings 760.569.7676 899947#
Back-up Number 760.569.7676 892007#
Playback Number 760.569.7699 899947#
Wednesday Evenings 760.569.7676 194563#
Back-up Number 760.569.7676 195352#
Playback Number 760.569.7699 194563#


[ Make sure your headset with microphone is attached to PC — If you do not
have a headset you may listen to conference through your PC Speakers ]

Step 1:    Add freeconferencecallHD.7605697676 into your Skype “Contact List”.
Step 2:    Once added to contacts, click on freeconferencecallHD.7605697676 from your contact list and then click on
the icon that says “CALL” located at the top left of screen. Skype will now begin calling into the number for you.
Step 3:    You will notice an icon with 9 white dots in three rows of 3 dots [towards bottom right of screen]. Click on that
icon and your dial pad will appear.
Step 4:    Enter the access code number along with the pound sign [#] and you will be connected to the conference.
Step 5:    There is a microphone icon that you can click to mute and un-mute yourself. *Please be considerate and keep
your microphone on mute until it is your turn to speak in order to avoid excess noise that could interfere with
the clarity of the conference call.
Step 6:    At the end of the conference call you will notice a Red Telephone icon that says “End Call” at the bottom left of
the Skype screen. Click on that and you will be disconnected from the call.


The ReValue.US Team Sends Many Thanks To All For Attending!
We Value Each and Every One of Our Members!

Blue’s Comments: 

These Guys Rock !! I really Dig Davids Thoughts and his way of thinking is a stand alone must attend or play back Conference Call..he has such an easy going persona and an awesome delivery of those thoughts..i highly recommend the Revalue team when you have the chance…Blue