Our Top-Ranked #1 Stock today Is “#FLY” July 2013.

We are building our Top 10 US Traded Stocks to own with a breakdown of each stock.
Capping the total at 10. Going forward, each Doc here will contain an adjusted ranking of the top 10, much as the college football rankings reflect a reordering after each poll.

1. FLY Leasing (NYSE: FLY) –2008, then known as Babcock & Brown Air — was added to the High-Yield PRO portfolio at $8.03 a share.

Fast-forward five years…


By today, FLY’s share price had more than doubled, to $17.12. Including dividends, FLY’s total return amounted to more than 150%, nearly twice the total return of the S&P 500 during the same span.

Over the past half-decade, FLY’s sales have risen an average of 67% a year. Earnings growth has averaged 11% a year during that time. And free cash flow increased an average of 21.8% annually (180% in the past year alone).

It was that last metric — cash-flow growth — in combination with a strong relative strength reading that catapulted FLY to the top of the rankings.

In the fall of 2008, StreetAuthority’s stock market strategists liked what they saw in a tiny aircraft leasing company based in Ireland.

Major global markets were in freefall at the time. However, this company was doing the lion’s share of its business in some of the larger emerging markets such as China, India, Russia and Mexico, which were continuing to grow.

Moreover, according to High-Yield PRO, leasing companies stood to benefit from rising demand for used aircraft, as airlines sought to contain costs in a beleaguered environment.

Stay tuned for # 2 of 10 coming soon…jp

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Sources: StreetAuthority’s stock market strategists, JP’s Round Table Research Team, Bluewaters2u Blog

Our Top-Ranked #1 Stock today Is “#FLY” July 2013