Happy Monday juicer’s ..today is all Passion Fruit Juice mix..with my regular added Flaxseed, Beet juice, Honey and Super Green…Have a great week friends and stay thirsty…jp

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Juicing with JP.. Many friends have asked if I would share some of my Nutri Bullet recipes.One of my favorite morning recipes for the Nutri Bullet..from Jp’s place.Juicing Startup 2013-06-24

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What you will need to put your Healthy Juice together.

1. Hand full of Kale or Hand full of Baby Spinach and or both..

2. Half a cup to cup of Blueberries

3. 1 tablespoon of local honey

4. 1 Teaspoon of Fresh Ground Cinnamon.  (Note here: don’t use 1 year old and or older powder that is stashed in your pantry. Get some fresh cinnamon from the local store, powder is fine and shaving a cinnamon stick is great too)

5. 1/4 or half of apple

6. Slice of mango, nice chunk of Cantaloupe, half a banana or chunks of fresh Pineapple. (I use a little of all these most of the time)

6.2 caps…

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