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June 13, 2013

Shield Your Site From Cyber-Attacks
One of the first lines of defense against a cyber attackPrivacy2_610x426 is your web browser. Keep your browsers and other programs such as Java, Reader and Shockwave updated. Don’t rely only on automatic updates but periodically check for updates that will help keep your computer safe.

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Security risks are increasing in quantity and complexity, while at the same time successful cyber attacks are significantly impacting an organization’s operations and success. Data breaches have become the latest epidemic rising in proportion. Like an epidemic, the impact of a data breach can be reduced only through proper planning and appropriate response. Understanding the security risk factors combined with taking action to reduce risk is how small organizations can overcome. Reversing these trends and security risk factors requires a comprehensive security approach that reduces the risk of cyber attacks, financial loss, and reputational damage. Aside from establishing a responsible security plan for the entire organization, SMBs need to invest in an capable network security solution that will provide both network visibility to mitigate security risks and a strong intrusion detection to detect both internal and external security threats.

Many ideas on protecting your Browser and Computer coming soon!

Tip of the Day!  June 13, 2013 Web Design Solutions Unlimited