This may be useful to new Dinar holders..I posted this back in March but thought now may be a good time to re-post with all the hype going on…jp / Bluewaters2u

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Investing in currencies can be wildly risky and volatile.

It can also drive massive gains from relatively small investments.

Just about every currency can be traded against another in real-time, providing tons of potential profits from most currencies in the world.

But what about the Iraqi dinar?

Why are people so crazy about it these days?

Is it really so unique and exotic?

The Iraqi dinar is a currency that has acquired quite a bit of popularity since the Iraq War began in 2003. That popularity has increased tenfold amidst speculation that it will dramatically increase in value.

Why else would the United States government be hoarding more of it than any other nation on the planet (excluding Iraq)?

Did Bush know something we didn’t when he asserted that the “war would pay for itself”?

Can we, as investors, find an opportunity here?

We’ve created this report to make…

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