The new Iraqi Union


Committed the security agreement partners the political process signatories to the implementation of the final phase of occupation program, a federal application stage.

The fact that the position of the occupation was not clear in any case such as the visibility of the issue of federalism he declares at night and during the day he wants to sees a federally Iraq, and the leaders of the fundamental process required all know them completely, and they are the keepers of strictly implemented. In order rushes Iraq to the final phase of the planned decree also wants the U.S. occupation has كلت Obama administration Iraq dossier to Biden Republican Almtzin that has already been presented to Bush and Congress project to divide Iraq, and here he is today oversees the implementation itself has started its activities in practice heats the political situation in preparation for the division was distribution of roles on the partners of the political process as follows:

First: the Government Center (Maliki) repeating provoke Sunni provinces to create a public opinion accepts the invitation to the regions and federalism, testifies to the intrigue Nukhaib and mobilization of sectarian owner, and campaigns ablation in Salahaddin University and arrests Baathists real and alleged advocacy spiteful against Hashemi and output exciting for his arrest at the airport and try to arrested by ended بهروبه to Kurdistan, and the expulsion of al-Mutlaq and treason Issawi and waving files of terrorism with left and right. Within the context of advanced policy-Maliki comes unabashed arrest of thousands of innocent people and fabrication of charges unjustly and falsely as a prelude to their execution. It blows more and more Viatql the women, and blow more and more Vigtsb the women all in order to make the reaction path towards regionalization decree, الفدرلة and division.

Then it was necessary to raise sectarian shipping more and more cross-provoking protesters and shed their blood in front of screens in all media Yards sit latest massacre Hawija. It is clear in all of the above that Golan may أرخى to the cord of the owners and their leaders and gave them the green light to commit these massacres, has not missed perjurer international (United Nations), as is usual in disguise this heinous crime.

Second: the Sunni provinces and reaction inspired by the Americans to the leaders of the year, the announcement regions and cling so right unconstitutional to pay injustice and stop the mop and marginalization, with titillate people demanding set of unemployed graduates and shares is greater than the financial allocations, and everything fit of logos to create and confirm public opinion to accept federalism and division. True to it has announced Salahuddin province itself Diyala provinces and announced itself Anbar provinces, on the road and it was the Council of preservation has threatened the center and أمهلها government two weeks and only فسيعلن the region!.

Third: Under the guidance Biden that the Maliki government center temporarily Baltmana and lack of response to suit the provinces, and he and his party continues in arrogance and provocation enough for continuing sectarian shipping and promote advocacy towards separation so as to reach the point of no return.

Fourth: It is also necessary to provoke the Kurds to raise the temperature and speed up the movement of centrifuge, and in this context came Maliki’s party accused of Talabani of harboring terrorists wanted for justice Abu Tabr.

Fifth: After the tug and frenzy Israeli ambassador to intervene and perhaps Biden personally to force Maliki to appeal to the Constitution and allow the transformation of the Sunni provinces successively into regions and after the issuance of the decisions of the Federal Court in this regard. Output may require a federal constitutional referendums forged in the provinces and the result will come out that federalism is the desire of the majority of the Sunni masses.

Sixth: the enhanced authority of the central government on the rest of the provinces to be a one territory governed by the Dawa Party, will be issued a fatwa from Sistani and perhaps Khamenei deprive the Shiite sect claim and federal regions.

Seventh: will the new reality of the conflict on the border and repainting among the provinces and territories, to achieve the ambitions of the government Safavid in biting Dujail, country and Syed Mohammed Salahuddin province and biting Nukhaib of Anbar province; also allows the new reality of partisan Talabani and Barzani biting Kirkuk and the eastern side of Mosul, and all This ruled Biden plan and approved by the client parties that brought the occupation and promoted him.

Eighth: The government will continue to seek to inflict Safavid central Samarra, consequently, the state after disagreements be اختلاقها between Samarra and Salahaddin province, and will be administratively justification this time not because the majority of the population sectarian Samarra are Sunni.

Ninth: Biden permission of Diyala will not be allowed to declare secession in spite of the Constitution because it is the geographic component of the components of Iraq Persians and crossing it to Samarra, have noted how the Safavid militias captured and expelled their portfolios because the thought of it.

Tenth: It consists map Biden for the new Iraq of three regions (the Kurdish region inclusive halves of Mosul and Kirkuk and Khanaqin and its capital, Erbil, and the region Safavid and inclusive of Diyala, Samarra and its capital, Baghdad, and the region’s Sunni abundance of Iraq confined in the western corner after ترشق and coming in the invitations divisive such as glass plate if crash will turn into crystals and no one can draw the borders of each piece in it. and we will enter in the war zones and lanes disputed within the same province with the provincial Sunni and Shiite alike.

Eleventh: This map Herald and current and seen them on satellite TV, but politicians Year ignore the claim of urgency and enthusiasm to the establishment of regions, what the Council called for Salahuddin province to declare the province a territory so quickly Sunni leaders in the Iraqi List to confirm the constitutionality of this requirement, and even started to pay councils in the provinces of Diyala and Anbar to declare regions and a national referendum, and we have seen how Vdaúyatem was simmering people and step up efforts in this direction.

Twelfth: We want to ask Sunni leaders advocate of regionalization, how you can that Thmoua people in the Sunni provinces of targeting and marginalization if this is you’re doing and you are in the Green Zone? Why do not you think of another alternative whitening your face if you are truthful or that malicious spirit Biden has Talpcetkm what we became hear from you is Sultanate of the Constitution and federal clang.

XIII: Then what about the year of Baghdad, which are impossible to be divided on a sectarian basis? Do تضحون ​​Baghdad, its people and Tnfdon your hands نصرتنا and you are defenders of the year? Then protects the good Shia Arabs from the domination of the Safavid Iranians? Are not you call the National and pretend Astafavkm with Iraqis in all provinces and all sects?.

Fourteenth: The conclusion that the advocates of regionalization if they so much naive and did not understand this game and its disastrous consequences on Iraq in general and on the year especially Those calamity, and if they understood and they wanted to Eetmmoa occupier purposes Valmuseibh of the greatest.

Sources:         Bluewaters2u research team, Currency Newshound and

Joe Biden’s plan for dividing Iraq into 3 Territory’s.