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What is Page Rank and Is It Something I Need to Worry About?This is a question recently posed by a client who was concerned about a PR2. We thought that our response might be useful to other Web Design Solutions Umlimited Member Clients & our Facebook Friends as well, so here it is…Jp

PageRank was originated by Google co-founder Larry Page (hence the name) and is based on the theory that the value of a given website can be determined by the number of pages that link to it. The assumption being that if people are linking to it, it must be of value. The more links to the site, the higher the PageRank.

Google’s original search algorithm relied heavily upon PageRank and it is the catalyst for the popular search optimization tactic known as back-linking.

SEO Earth Google Bing YahooSearch optimization providers have been exploiting Google’s reliance on PageRank for years. Some of the more, shall we say ‘creative’ providers began creating back-links through shadow sites and link farms in an aggressive effort to increase the number of links to a given site. Again, the assumption being, the more links, the higher the PageRank.

Over time Google has adjusted and improved its algorithm in an effort to penalize these less than ethical practices (Penguin Update) and the definition of PageRank has been significantly refined. It is no longer sufficient to simply have a link to your site; the link must be relevant, authoritative, and genuine.

In addition, Google has become much better at evaluating site structure, quality of content, load times, visitor behaviors, even grammar and these additional metrics have allowed the search giant to lessen its reliance on PageRank.

In short, the value of PageRank is nowhere near what it used to be and has taken a back seat to site quality, social signals (i.e. reviews, shares, etc.), and most notably, quality of content and user experience.

I suspect that in the not so distant future we will begin hearing more about ‘authority’ as opposed to PageRank, with ‘authority’ being defined in a similar way, but with more emphasis on topical relevance and links and shares within a topical sphere (if that makes any sense).

The long and short of it, creating quality content, providing superior service (hence encouraging positive reviews), and engaging in industry-related forums, discussion boards, etc. will grow your back-link profile naturally and improve your PageRank over time. This is what Google wants to see and it is what you want as well; to be recognized as an authority in your field, simply because you are an authority in your field.

Don’t worry about PageRank per se; worry about providing superior service, useful and relevant information, and a quality user experience and PageRank will follow.

The only additional advice I can offer is: do not build links for the sake of building links, do not exchange links for the sake of building links, and never, ever buy links for the sake of building links. The ones that are of real value are those that come naturally (i.e. people linking to your site because they find value there).

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What is Google Page Rank and Is It Something I Need to Worry About?
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What is Google Page Rank and Is It Something I Need to Worry About?