This is so very important that you do this on each page of your site..I highly recommend these Tips to everyone who has a site or Blog…..Networking your Biz product or Brand is the biggest key to a successful Site…. jp
2 Tips here to really sink your teeth in… Make Everything Share-able and Build Trust With A Content Marketing Strategy.
Tip of the Day ! Make Everything Share-able
Don’t miss opportunities to make your content share-able, it really does pay off. Make every page on your site share-able on all major social networks, and make every product or service image “pinnable” for Pinterest. Increasing your social media presence helps SEO and generates more traffic to your site.

Build Trust With A Content Marketing Strategy

The key to content marketing is slowly building trust with your audience with a well-thought out plan. Do this gradually by establishing the relationship and then building loyalty over time with consistent and quality content. To be meaningful, the content should entertain, educate or inspire your readers.

Resources: Manta and Blue’s Research Team

Blue’s Thoughts: These two Tips are very important for any Business today on getting their Name and Services out there known to many that may not be at the time looking for those services..

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Blue’s Tip of the Day! Website Strategy, Build Trust With A Content Marketing Strategy.