The success of a model of Iraqi Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), April 8 2012.

Succeeded the Iraqi Central Bank in achieving the widespread conviction among the public not to the impact of raising three zeros from the currency on the actual value and the manner of transparency and disclosure advertisers intention to take such action, and the seminars organized by the faculties of administration, economy and way supportive and effective in establishing this conviction.

Perhaps the contribution of business press in perpetuating this conviction came Abrardha to the views of news E the economy through the comments continued and which formed the syndrome essential in the delivery and fueling the right decision so we were and still call the decision-makers to give adequate opportunity for any draft resolution or legislation to saturation of the discussions to meet his goals.

Although the central bank promised programs, media guidelines in this regard but he did not show any activity in this direction until the moment is required to continue to intensify awareness programs and television commercials and TV advertising, symposia and seminars

What leads us to continue meetings with experts in this regard, we find that in the run-off briefing meetings, and despite the diversity of characters, these results lead us to repeat calls for viewing the laws in this transparency to discuss and give it the opportunity to enrich until maturity for approval with minimal losses.

Budget law, for example, are exposed to severe criticism after approval Among these objections very important and calls for a review and are already so they can be edited shooter and including the time to acknowledge valuable to begin implementation of the delay caused by objections to the above-mentioned cost the country a lot because of the loss of time, so the display the budget for discussion and enrichment before Alagherardharora and important given that the time has come to re-tab to suit the big variables that appear from time to time on the requirements and immediate needs sometimes.

The country needs new legislation requires further discussion behooves us display important of which Odhu priority for discussion in order to organize the work in this regard and we find in the story of the success of the Central This is an opportunity for the rest of the state institutions which are needed to legislation and the decisions of the strategy to move forward in achieving the necessary reforms that are in line with the requirements of phase and the transition to a market economy I remember, for example, need the Ministries of Industry and Commerce to privatize its companies that are unable to achieve any output states where attempts are many but programs persuasion and awareness of the importance of privatization is still weak and Atriqy to the level of achievement to persuade the concerned neither those the public of its importance so they are invited to prepare programs Mktfahlaqnaa everyone through a planned program for this purpose in collaboration with all media devices.

Among Mananajh in our reform required in place corporate governance any governance it and so that they can improve their performance to the level of international companies and makes them able to work with global giants through partnership and participation promoted by the state in the contracting process and the assignments of conditional participation of local companies and this requires that Our companies live up to the level of this assessment and responsibility assigned.

These tasks require the relevant re-work of the Ministerial Committee set up by the Zarhalsnaah and minerals to prepare the terms and conditions of corporate governance, especially the situation in Iraq has cut the long way ahead but mindlessly stopped work of the Commission without notice or the decision of her arrest and that the archive of the Committee Markon in one of the offices of the Ministry and the rule of law, the Commission still List of non-issuance of a ministerial order to cancel permission to resume its activities as soon as possible to invite its members by the Chairman of the Committee which is an economic advisor to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Awisaraly assign a sponsor of the other and thus accelerate the upgrading of the performance of our companies and make it able to keep up with international companies.


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The success of a model of Iraqi Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), April 8 2012.