Iraq and Kuwait .. Confidence-building

Hussein Ali Hamdani
Represented the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of the State of Kuwait, a point articulated in the consolidation of bilateral relations between the two countries and build bridges of confidence, and trust are highly sought in building international relations in general and relations with neighboring countries in particular, and certainly the experience of Saddam’s invasion of neighboring Kuwait phase must overcome special After the demise of this system and the establishment of a democratic system in Iraq based on what is produced by the votes of the people of Iraq, an experience a welcome and support from Kuwait through stages multiple since 2005 to the present day, especially if Kuwait from the Arab countries first opened its embassy and dealt with the new Iraq , is added to all that Iraq now is very different from the past, and that the Iraqi constitution is one of the sets Iraq’s relations with others on the other hand, the imports of Iraq now is to serve the Iraqi people and not, as was previously harnessed all the whims and wars reckless not avoid them region and the Iraqi people exactly nothing but destruction, devastation and problems, and this conviction must be firmed up in all countries of the region, particularly neighboring Kuwait in order to come full of the seventh item so as to ensure Iraq’s position vital in the region and the role required in the manufacture of security and stability is required.
That is why the state visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of Kuwait is one of the most successful visits to the contents of explicitly putting up outstanding issues between the neighbors, particularly the border demarcation and the issue of compensation by the invasion, Saddam buried, and reservoir success comes from a desire on both sides to move beyond the era of the past, so the There is a large common ground between Iraq and Kuwait would be new points of convergence be a positive factor in overcoming the past and move to a new stage of relations between the two countries.
And certainly the there parties do not relish the normalization of relations positively between the neighbors and this is why some of the confusion on the visit and try to fabricate a crisis or the imposition of the views or mixing papers lead to muddy relations second to keep the situation as it is, and this is what makes the Prime Minister confirmed more than once in Kuwait during the reference that “there are those who do not want for the region as a whole to stabilize the bilateral relations and this is why we as children of the region and partners in the neighboring countries that the utmost care not to allow one wants to put a problem here and the problem there is between countries in the region and its peoples, so I want to play our countries to the basis of common interests and joint investment and not interfere with each other except on some gentle persuasion and support and support and welcome. ”
This means that there are those who try to keep a lot of files stuck between the two countries, so the successful visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the ensuing advantages of large will develop strong foundation for advanced relations between the two neighboring countries and will end the historical period and start with a new stage in all their political, cultural, economic, especially if Kuwaiti companies have shown more willingness to invest in Iraq.
So we can say that the road is paved because the settlement is all the remaining files between the two countries after it was placed in the right path which will lead to a final closing in the near future.

Iraq and Kuwait .. Confidence-building.