Buy The Dips and Load The Boat
Before You Miss The Bus!

Dedicated to: and others, for the millions of dollars in losses they create with their crooked stock schemes. Enjoy!
Today’s rerun is especially dedicated to those thinking of averaging down on North Springs Resources (NSRS).  We tried to warn you.

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Are The Touts Running Out Of
Stocks To Pimp?

Although it’s been a couple of weeks since our last article, it’s not like we’ve missed much, because there really is not much new to report.  The touts have been regurgitating the same garbage they’ve been passing around for weeks now, and outside of some flippers, it’s impossible to find a winner amongst penny players.  The shear frequency of the emails and the ganging up by the touts on just a few stocks, should be clue enough to stay far away.It used to be, that every week would bring a new slew of stocks to the promotion game, but it seems that since the holidays we are seeing the same crap being hyped over and over again.  For example:
Black Castle Developments Holdings (BCDH), another worthless company whose stock scheme is being pushed by anyone with a subscribers list and is and’s pick for Monday, reports $1,450 in the bank and $1.3 million in debt. With $1.37 billion shares issued and outstanding, who could argue with our apprehension over its current market cap of $80 million?
Buy The Dips and Load The Boat Before You Miss The Bus, Penny Stocks Bust !