Iraq is very close to RV-Revaluation of the IQD & here is WHY,HCL- Oil & Gas Law, Erbil Agreement, Kuwait Port & Boarder, WTO ,IMF, UN, March 12th,2012.

Iraq is very close to RV-Revaluation of the IQD & here is WHY,HCL- Oil & Gas Law, Erbil Agreement, Kuwait Port & Boarder, WTO ,IMF, UN, 03/13/2012.

Here are a few reasons why Iraq is so very close to an Revalueation of their currency ( IQD )…In my Opinion and only speculation..

I agree Helen, but lets think about it and look at what we do know to be true…and find some sort of “peaceful easy feelings” towards what we think we know.. ummm…Didn’t the Eagles sing something about that..anyways….

1st….We know they have passed the 3 million barrels -of Oil -a-day produced at the levels of price of Oil too for some time now..

2nd..We Know that Iraq and Kuwaiti are in serous discussions on the Sharing of the most important connection in the world they both have and both need to survive past the Oil dilution..And that’s the Port of  Mubarak Al-Kabeer,which leads into settling the boarder issues in these nearly completed negotiations …

3rd..we know that Iraq is very close to signing an agreement with the WTO and that the WTO has been working very closely with them to get their Top Financial District Affairs in order to join and be a vital member of the WTO right down to the common Market place of selling goods Internationally….

4th..We are seeing major progress in completing the and implementing the Erbil Agreement, solving Hashimi, Mutlaq cases..

5th..We are hearing from the CBI and the Iraq Finance Committee that they are about to disburse the new IQDS and coins…

6th..We know that the CBI ( Dr. Shabbi ) has ratified all the Top level Banks on Firing and replacing the Corrupt Bank Managers and Counterfeit USDs and the IQDs that were in the Banks coming across the boarders and as well, they have managed to Filter most of the these counterfeits out of circulation…but realize it will continue…

7th…We also know that the Oil will be and is now in even greater demand from Iraq with the very Heavy sanctions that are on neighboring Iran’s exporting of Oil and goods..

8th..We also know that the Protection that President Obama gave Iraq last March 2011 will expire the end of this month..(Part of the Paris Agreement on Chapter VII that did work in Iraq’s favor and protected the OIL and GAS funds the USA was holding up until last year) and I do not feel he will renew it this time around…Im sure you may know why too…But if he does extend it for another year it will surely help keep in tact the Cash Reserves needed to shore and give strength to the IQD as it goes into a Managed Float after the RV,all that being said it would be a good thing for Iraq and the IQD that he does extend it..Im sure im am forgetting a few things here..but maybe you can see why I feel that we are close.. very close to seeing this completed this year and sooner than later in my opinion. With a solid Revaluation level as well that will be able to hold it’s own in  the World Currency Markets..…jp/Bluewaters2u ..March 12th,2012

Here’s a thought  for every one to ponder over…what if Oil over these past few years wasn’t $100 0r $95 USD per barrel as it has been..what if it were the prices it was pre-Iraq war before the invasion in 2003…such as say $15 to $20 Dollars a barrel..Do you not think Iraq would have Revalued their Currency way long before now..Think about it..the higher $100 per barrel has saved Iraq in so many ways and has kept them from rushing into an RV that may have elapsed their entire Financial System if they had RVed at the much lower suggested oil prices a few years ago,,Just a thought to ponder

Iraq is very close to RV-Revaluation of the IQD and here is WHY,HCL- Oil & Gas Law, Erbil Agreement, Kuwait, WTO & IMF, 03/13/2012.

Iraq is very close to RV-Revaluation of the IQD & here is WHY,HCL- Oil & Gas Law, Erbil Agreement, Kuwait Port & Boarder, WTO ,IMF, UN,03/13/2012.