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Iraq is very close to RV-Revaluation of the IQD & here is WHY,HCL- Oil & Gas Law, Erbil Agreement, Kuwait Port & Boarder, WTO ,IMF, UN, March 12th,2012.

Here are a few reasons why Iraq is so very close to an Revalueation of their currency ( IQD )…In my Opinion..

I agree Helen, but lets think about it and look at what we do know to be true…and find some sort of “peaceful easy feelings” towards what we think we know.. ummm…Didn’t the Eagles sing something about that..anyways….

1st….We know they have passed the 3 million barrels -of Oil -a-day produced at the levels of price of Oil too for some time now..

2nd..We Know that Iraq and Kuwaiti are in serous discussions on the Sharing of the most important connection in the world they both have and both need to survive past the Oil dilution..And that’s the…

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