Nature’s Healing Matrix

To Be Great, Be Grateful

By Darren Hardy

Did you know your brain is NOT designed to make you happy?

I know this might be alarming to you, but your brain has only one primary responsibility—to keep you alive. Thus your brain is constantly on the lookout for danger and attack warnings. Your brain is programmed specifically to seek out the negative.
This is a problem if you desire love, prosperity and happiness—those things beyond simply safety.
Left unguided (as most do), your brain will stew in the negative all day, every day of your life. The conundrum is—what you think about comes about. Where your attention goes, energy flows, thus the direction your life takes.
This is where the power of gratitude comes in. If you want to direct your life in a positive direction, you have to redirect your mind towards abundance and what’s positive by forcing it to focus it on what you are grateful for.
If you want to become great, you have to focus on being grateful. You can change any situation in your life by simply redirecting your mind to focus on what’s right about it versus what is wrong.
As you concentrate on the good,
and the pure and the true,
Your brain acts as a magnet
that is bringing them to you!