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Ten Life Changing Habits that can make you millions: Part One

A SPECIAL SERIES – The 10 Life Transforming Habits That Can Make You Millions

Posted by Susan Sly
| February 18, 2012

Shared to me by Melissa Oldham..thanks Melo !

One of the beautiful things about surrender is the release of the need to either control or know everything in our lives. Truthfully, the journey to surrender has been one providing the greatest gifts and also fraught with the greatest tribulations. There have been times when my ego resisted the very things my heart knew to be the truths I required to manifesting my dreams and ultimately the resistance became exhausting.

It wasn’t until I truly surrendered that the results I was looking for showed up in my life. In a few short years I went from poverty to becoming a millionaire. My marriage became richer and more fulfilling. My health improved. Perhaps the most significant aspect was the ever evolving acceptance and love for myself.

Part of surrender is allowing the answers to come as opposed to forcing them. It was in this place that the inspiration for this series came after asking the question, ‘what can I contribute at this moment?’ The answer that came was to create a series on the habits that have assisted me in transcending my circumstances with the express hope that it will inspire you or someone you love to take action in their lives.

With this in mind let’s begin with the first life transforming habit.

Habit Number One – Creating and Living By a Vision That Inspires Action

“It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision.”
Helen Keller

At seminars and events I am often asked what the secret is to becoming a millionaire. It is a really great question, one that I too asked myself long ago, and definitely deserves an answer that is more in depth than simply saying that there is only one thing to be done and then suddenly we begin to achieve seven figure incomes. Becoming a millionaire requires many steps however before the journey can even commence, we must first establish what the word ‘millionaire’ means in our own lives; in other words what is the vision that we associate with that amount of money?

All of the self-made millionaires I have met, myself included, have a specific vision for what they want to create. This vision is rich and all encompassing. The vision includes more than just money in a bank account or the freedom to buy a certain car or home; the vision includes making a difference either through the creation of a product, the delivery of a service or a combination of both.

Creating a vision of what we desire is much like setting our G.P.S.; in other words, the vision is the destination. As creative beings we can choose a vision that is as abundant and prosperous as we can possibly imagine. As naturally creative beings we are programmed to dream. Just think back to childhood, or think of a child, who daydreams and plays ‘make believe.’ We have imaginations for a reason and that reason is to create.

The challenge today, is that most people have programmed themselves to stop dreaming. They get involved in the day-to-day tasks of life and forget that dreaming is one of the gifts of our human form; it is also free and we can use it at any time. To create a vision is something that requires no money and is ultimately something we are naturally programmed for. We live in an abundant world. There is no limit to what we can create and it all begins with creating the vision of what we want and re-visiting that vision daily through words and images that illicit emotions.

For years I had heard about creating vision boards and writing vision letters however it was not until I actually did it that things began to manifest. Every day I looked at my vision board, I connected with the images of the dream life that I was focused on creating and was inspired to take action each and every day to making manifest the life I wanted to create. Within ten months of creating that initial vision board I went from making $1600 per month to $12,000 per month. I soon retired from my job to stay at home with my children and for the first time in my life, I felt completely free.

I decided that if the vision board worked for a six figure income then it would surely work for a multiple six figure income. I created a new vision board complete with images of our new home and what our life would look like if we could afford to have my husband retire from his job. Within a year we were making over $300,000 per year and my husband came home.

As you can imagine, I made a new vision board for what my life would look like when I made one million per year; the places I would travel, the adventures we would have and the beautiful life of contribution we would live. It took two and a half more years to have our first million dollar year and I have never looked back. I have a vision board in my office with beautiful images of the life we are creating at our next level of prosperity, the charities we are working with and the people we are impacting. Every time I look at that vision board I am overcome with feelings of excitement, joy and absolute bliss.

The most prosperous people I know have their goals and dreams within their sights at all times. Whether it is a vision board, a vision letter or a visionary strategic plan; successful people understand that what is at the forefront of our minds is at the forefront of our actions.

With this in mind, I want to encourage you to take the first and foremost step in creating a prosperous live – start dreaming. Today, create a space of at least ten minutes and ask yourself – what would I create in my life if there were no limits? What would I be doing with my time if there were no demands? What would I choose to do for fun? Who would I spend my days with? List out the places you will visit, the home you will live in, the adventures you will have, the people you will meet, the health you will enjoy, the things you will do for fun and anything that essentially puts a smile on your face.

Once you have created this list, your radar is on high alert. As you begin to see images and words that embody the life you desire to create, collect them and put them on a large piece of poster board. There are great websites such as which also support virtual vision boards however it has been my experience that unless we are constantly reminded of what we want and where we are going we will soon forget. If we keep a virtual vision board it is only there to re-connect us when we are on the computer so it is my feeling that we should have both.

Friends of mine, who made a decision to leave their careers as a lawyer and a police officer respectively, created a vision board which they placed in their bathroom so it was the last thing they saw at night and the first thing they saw in the morning. Within a six month period, they replaced the income from one of their jobs through a network marketing business they joined and within one and a half years were both retired from their jobs. Today they are living the life of their dreams spending their days skiing and homeschooling their son, travelling and having adventures. They absolutely credit the vision board with helping them stay positive and motivated to take action.

We truly are masterful artists on the canvas of our own lives and can design a life that is so beautiful that we wake up every morning with joy and a sense of purpose. If you truly want to change your circumstances then start dreaming. Visit that dream daily knowing that you are already on your way to creating the life of your design. Lastly, please remember, as always – I believe in you.

This Week’s Action Step

Create a vision of how you want your life to be when you become financially free. Ask yourself key questions about how your health, relationships, finances, contribution and fun adventures will unfold and then collect images and words that support that vision. Glue your images and words to a poster board and keep it in a place such as your bathroom, kitchen or home office where you can see it on a regular basis. Setting your vision is the first step that I took to becoming a self-made millionaire and I encourage you to begin now.

Source: Melissa Oldham and Pinterest  Pinterest is an online pinboard.