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Dinar Speculator History:
Iraq’s currency has enjoyed a sustainable international value between $3 - $4 (USD) since its inception in 1932. At the beginning of the Gulf War, the harshest UN Sanctions in History de-valued the currency so that Saddam would not be able to buy anything to sustain his defense. In 2003, one Iraqi Dinar had the value of $0.00027 (USD) that represents an 11,926% drop in value, overnight, from the $3.22 it had been. This made it a “no-brainer” for investors to purchase IQD (once it was made legal through Executive Order 13303). 

RV Timeline
2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
(Here is a Timeline of the Iraqi Dinar. The “xxx” represents a 0% probability of a significant positive change in the value of the currency. The “$$$” represents an increasingly escalating probability of a revaluing of the IQD) This timeline represents a total of approximately 105 months from when the IQD was devalued in 2003, to present.

From 2003 – December 15, 2010 (96 months): RV Probability 0%
There was NO CHANCE of a revalue of the Iraqi Dinar. Iraq did not have a functioning government, they were under 100% of the harshest United Sanctions in history, and under those Sanctions the country had no economy to support any type of real value of the currency. This 0% RV Chance section of the timeline represents 96 months out of 105 total months. That equals almost 92% of the total time that investors have been purchasing the IQD since its de-valued artificial rate was imposed.

December 15, 2010- June 30, 2011 (6 months): RV Probability 50%
On December 15th, 2010 Iraq finally achieved a functioning and recognized government (GOI = Government of Iraq) and the United Nations released Iraq from the majority of the harsh Sanctions that they had been operating under. This 6 month time period represents only about 6% of the total time that investors have been purchasing the IQD since its de-valued artificial rate was imposed.

June 30th – September 21st, 2011 (3 months): RV Probability 80%
On June 30th, 2011 Iraq was finally recognized as a fully autonomous and sovereign nation. The DFI (Development Fund for Iraq) was returned to them (this represents all of the money they had earned as a country since being put under Sanctions). The United Nations removed even more Sanctions from the country along with several other significant developments for the country. In fact, Iraq’s economy was essentially reborn on July, 1st, 2011. This 3 month time period represents only about 3% of the total time that investors have been purchasing the IQD since its de-valued artificial rate was imposed.

September, 22, 2011 – October, 2011 (about a month): RV Probability 95%
Since the 66th Annual UN Conference in New York, whose entire focus seemed to be on the Arab Nations and the Global Economy, progress in Iraq seems to be moving at breakneck speeds. Iraq and Kuwait both pleaded with the UN and its 192 member countries to help with the implementation of resolution 833 (the border dispute). Numerous countries pledged their support in removing Iraq from the remaining few sanctions and mountains of Iraq’s international debt was forgiven. In country, in resent news, agreements have been made on the Ebril Agreement, the HCL (Hydro-Carbon Law), the remaining Ministry Seats (Completing the GOI), the Ports (Both Iraqi and Kuwaiti) & the US Military’s role in country. In addition to this the country’s inflation topped 6.7% in August and Dr. Shabbibi has stated that his main job is to control inflation (which he has done an incredibly job of keeping around 3% for the past 2 ½ years) he has further stated that should inflation ever get above 7% that the only tool left at his disposal would be the monetary policy (value of the currency) which falls under his jurisdiction and authority. This 1 month time period represents only about 1% of the total time that investors have been purchasing the IQD since its de-valued artificial rate was imposed.

In my opinion, this is why we are in the absolute BEST window for an RV in the 79 year history of the Iraqi Dinar, more specifically in the 8 years since its dramatic (almost) 12,000% devaluation in 2003. If there was ever a time to “hold on just a little bit longer” this is certainly it!!! October, 2011 may well be monumental for the country of Iraq, the Global Economy and for you and me, individuals who own Iraqi Dinar!

We’ll be talking about this in great detail on tonight’s CC. Rest assured you are in just the right place at precisely the right time!

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