My Dinarian Journey!

‘Twas my life before Dinar, oh how mundane

I did not own investments, but I still sane!

I had not seen pink money, nor did I care,

Hundreds become Millions? I was unaware!

I had my paycheck and that was enough…

Then came the recession and budgets got tough!

A friend told me something that sounded bizarre,

The answer to my problems was Iraqi Dinar!

Then off to the internet, to educate myself…

Was Shabbibi Santa? Maliki his elf?

Could it be this easy? Could this be real?

Typed “Dinar” in Google to understand the deal!

And what to my wandering eyes did appear?

But site after site that sounded sincere!

Some said it was good, and others a scam,

I read and I studied like for an exam!

Soon I knew more, about this country Iraq

Then I knew of my own, but cut me some slack

I purchased some Dinar and oh my life changed

My focus and time became all rearranged!

I now owned pink money, so now I was hooked

And I was amazed at how pretty it looked!

So back to the internet to catch all the buzz

Site after site with all the info there was…

Minutes became hours, and hours became days

Days became weeks of Dinarian Haze!

Maliki, Alawi, Shabbibi and such

Barzanni, Talabani and Sadar, too much!

These people, their stories, all spin in my head!

It didn’t make sense no matter how much I read!

I set out to find other people like me

Fellow investors chasing the RV!

The first thing I found were the Forums and Chats

This is where all the Dinarians are at!

People’sDinar, DinarVets and of course PTR…

DinarSpeculator, DinarRumor and PlanetDinar!

I’ve met so many people and I bet you have too!

Steve, Ray, Okie, Dan and of course Tony too!

Then Adam and Randy, Scooter and Med,

Blaino, Frank, Phoenix and BondLady said!

The Rumors and Intel was all that I had,

It made me so happy then left me so sad!

I drank the Kool-Aide, and it gave me the blues,

Then I met some nice people who focused on News!

Currency Newshound, DinarDaddy & DinarRumor

My brain was swelling, it felt like a tumor!

I needed an interpreter, translator and analyst!

I began my search, I knew it must exist!

I found something called a Conference Call, oh wow!

They spoon-fed me the news, it made sense, Holy Cow!

Revalue, then Call Squad, then IQD Team…

Now Ready4Riches (the Dinar Dream Team)!

My cell phone plan needed to be upgraded,

My minutes were gone, my old plan was outdated

Every night for three hours, I’d listen and learn

About what to do with all the money I’d earn.

I found voices of reason to guide me right through,

Tools and techniques to raise my financial IQ

Sam, Shannan and JP and ConnectWithScott

Ben, Mary and Billie they’ve taught me a lot!

I’m well on my way to my IQD PhD!

So many abbreviations, Hmm.. well, let’s see,

GOI, CBI, and the HCL… IMF, WTO and the IQD

The most famous of all is, of course, the RV!

I make my RV Plan and I check it twice,

When Shab’s pokes the button it will be so nice!

My old life will be over, my new life begins

And it’s not just for me, ‘cause everyone wins!

In this calm before the storm, I listen and learn

I know before long, it will be my turn

To put into practice all that I’ve been taught

For soon my old rowboat will become my new yacht

Just like Iraq, I have only one chance

There are no “Do-Overs” in the land of Finance!

So I will continue to get all prepared

Even though it’s all new, there’s no need to be scared!

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8:00 on the dot

Ready4Riches, the whole team, with ConnectWithScott

Will be there to guide me and help me along

It feels like a family, I know I belong!

Where do I find the phone number and pin?

Must I call early, just to get in?

Go to and you’ll see

Go there just once and I bet you’ll agree

Each day a step closer to the impending RV

Soon my old life will be just, a memory

So use this time wisely, to help you create

The new life that you want, I’ll see you at 8:00

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