Posted: Sep 27, 2011

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Of course, because we are dealing with equities a dividend yield should be considered only after analysis of the equity deems it an attractive investment. Below is a list of candidates that will likely satisfy both requirements over the next couple of years.


Dividend Stock #1:

Verizon Communications

From a business standpoint, no communications company has been as successful as Verizon during the past 20 years

Dividend Stock #2:

Atlantic Power Corp


Yield%: 8.4%, Sector: Electric Power
Income Participating Securities combine a high yield bond with common stock.
The result is a hybrid security paying a high monthly yield—part qualified dividend, part ordinary income—that rises over time. Because the concept hasn’t caught on in the US, there are outstanding bargains like my pick Atlantic Power Corp. Atlantic owns stakes in 15 power projects located in major markets in nine US states and Jamaica. Output is generally sold under long-term contracts, virtually all to financially strong, regulated utilities.
Note: Buy Atlantic Power up to 13.
Dividend Stock #3:

Fortis Inc
 This Canadian company has proven its utility day-in, day-out.
Fortis holds investments in electric distribution utilities in Canada, Belize and the Cayman Islands. Subsidiaries generate electricity in New York and Belize. The company also has real estate interests, including hotels, in Atlantic Canada.
Fortis, which has raised its annual dividend for 37 straight years, the longest streak of any publicly traded Canadian company, demonstrates the case that stable and steady wins the wealth-building race.
Dividend Stock #4

Frontier Communications


Wireless is the growth play in communications, and Frontier has zero exposure. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a stock yielding nearly 10 percent with a dividend that’s well covered by distributable cash flow and backed by a stable business, Frontier is an excellent choice.The company is also slowly but surely winning the confidence of Wall Street, which I believe gives it some upside over the next 12 months, possibly to as high as $10 a share. And there’s also the possibility of a takeover, as the rural phone business continues to consolidate.

Footnote:  Frontier Communication is a buy up to $8.

Dividend Stock #5:

Enerplus Resources


Yield:%: 9.1, Sector: Oil & Gas

For high income and a direct play on energy prices, it’s hard to beat royalty trust Enerplus Resources Fund and its tax-advantaged dividend in Canadian dollars of more than 12 percent. Like U.S. trusts, Enerplus’ shares closely track prices of natural gas (74 percent of output) and oil (26 percent). It pays dividends from pre-tax cash flows, a quarter of which are tax-free to U.S. investors.

Footnote:  Enerplus Resources Fund is a buy up to $25.

Source: investopedia and investingdaily

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Blue’s Comments: watch for Market lows on these and buy in cheap. also beware that you may need to hold these atlest 90 days to capitalize on the Dividends..But these I have listed are a great start to add to your portfolio…Blue





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