What:  Millionaire Mindset – Learn to Think like the Wealthy Person You are about to become!


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When: Sep 26, 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Description: Is there a reason that the Rich generally stay Rich? Of course, it is the way that they think, the actions that they take, how they spend their time and the choices that they make. Come and “Train your Brain” to think Rich by breaking down the barriers, the myths and the realities of the upper class…You can learn from them so that you can learn from their mistakes and capitalize on their successes!
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Due to the sheer volume of wealth generated in this single event, it will change our own economy almost overnight. Knowledge is Power! Because you know about the Dinar and you’ve heard what thousands of new Millionaires are planning to do once their “Ship comes in” (Post-RV) you know through simple supply and demand how many valuable things are set to skyrocket in value. Come and find out how you can position yourself to make a ton of Money Post-RV simply by having a plan, positioning yourself through your new wealth and implementing your plan at the right time!…We Look forward to your Q&A session In the last Hour too guys..

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