HCL Oil and Gas Law

Munther Aziz – 

Random, which he conducted the former regime of the Iraqi economy left sectors lagging separated by a yawning gap for modern economic systems, and the oil sector and one of the main sectors affected by the policy confusion that was pursued by the system in the management of the country’s resources as oil backbone of the Iraqi economy, lived the oil sector in the era of isolation of the former regime for mutations that were taking place in the world in the technology of the oil industry has made this sector lags behind in the various aspects of exploration and extraction and refining.

After the change that took place in Iraq in 2003 was keen Almtsdon a responsibility to advance the development of the petroleum industry towards increased production capacity, despite the major challenges encountered in this, was a labor difficult and the newborn success bodes maximize Iraqi oil production, especially as the land of Mesopotamia full of huge oil reserves make Iraq ranked among the countries of the world in this area.

And on the road that has taken the oil ministry first steps put them contracts to develop oil and gas fields through licensing rounds, which would increase the production capacity of crude oil and gas to levels commensurate with the size of Iraq’s oil reserves on the one hand and the need for the teetering economy to the resources help to promote and meet the challenges of the other.

Because oil and gas and other resources of the country belongs to all Iraqis, the text of the Iraqi Constitution, has been keen on the Oil Ministry that all contracts entered into for the development of oil and gas service contracts and not sharing contracts to shut the door to those who seek to be a partner to the Iraqis in their wealth, as characterized by those contracts that it entered into under the lights and in front of the media, and not in closed rooms ..!

Since more than three years the Ministry of the oil draft law of oil and gas to the House of Representatives at its previous session, the law had been locked drawers Parliament, so that made prime minister, recently a new draft law, but the surprise was the objection expressed by the Kurdistan Alliance, the bill for reasons related to the desire of the Kurdistan Region in the management of oil resources in isolation from the federal government and the explicit violation of the Constitution of the Article (111) of the Act, (oil and gas is the property of all Iraqi people in all regions and provinces).

Reality on the ground say it is not logical to share the Kurdistan region of Iraqis in their resources and take (17%) of the state budget, while he wants the Kurds to Astatheroa revenues of oil and gas producer in the region, and logic says the need to pass the oil and gas law which regulates the investment of oil wealth and to ensure distribution of revenues among Iraqis about the fair, and the need to keep management of the national wealth away from the political disputes and personal desires ..!!

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Blue’s Comments: The Kurds just want The People of Iraq to get their fair share and he Constitution to be respected in the HCL Oil and Gas Laws Laws written…Blue