9/18/2011 2:20 PM
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The Legislature of the White Iraqiya Bloc, Aliya Nuseif, has demanded the Parliament to address a protest message to the United Nations for its silence towards the Kuwaiti violations against Iraq, which is still under the UN’s Charter 7.

 “The United Nations sees and listens to the continuous Kuwaiti violations against Iraq, whether through Kuwait’s persistence to build the Mubarak Port in a position, expected to cause a huge damage to the Iraqi ports, its abduction of Iraqi fishermen, plundering Iraq’s oil,” Nuseif, Member of 17th May Gathering to Protect Iraqi Borders said.
“Despite above facts, the UN had not moved a finger, did not issue any resolution or even condemn those violations,” she added.
Kuwait had announced on April 6th last the beginning of construction of Mubarak Port, after one year of Iraq’s announcement of its intention to build its Grand Faw Port in the Gulf.
“The United Nations, instead of supporting Iraq’s position against those violations, insists to keep us under its Article 7, a measure considered hostile and has no legal justification, but it calls on the UN to watch the situation and protect the Iraqi borders from any violation,” she said.
Iraq is under the UN Charter’s 7th Article, imposed on it after the entrance of its troops into Kuwait in 1990, as the article allows the use of power against it, charging that it “threatens the International Security,” along with the UN’s freezing of huge amounts of its funds in the world banks, in order to pay compensations for the people, harmed by Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait.
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